Activate website enables you to activate your lifetime tv channel on your device. Lifetime is a TV channel that lets you stream full clips and episodes of your favourite series. Activate

However, via its TV app, you can watch lots of movies and create a customized watchlist of the best episodes. Another interesting part is, you can watch live events and get exclusive videos from Lifetime shows. To achieve this, you need to activate the channel on supported devices. Activate – Lifetime

The lifetime TV channel is not available on all devices. Thus, the TV channel is only available on devices like

To activate the above devices, you will have to download the app on the respective device and follow the activation guide. If you don’t know the activation guide, the procedure will guide you through.

How to activate Lifetime On Roku

You can activate Lifetime on Roku devices follow this guide:

  • Move to your Roku TV
  • Download the lifetime TV channel app on your Roku
  • After downloading, launch the app
  • You will access the activation code
  • Then, move to on a mobile or computer browser
  • Choose your device (Roku)
  • Click on your TV service provider
  • Input the activation code shown on the Roku channel after you opened the Lifetime TV app
  • It will redirect you to your cable provider’s website, where you will log in

With these steps, you will successfully access the lifetime channel on your Roku.

How To Activate the Lifetime TV channel on Apple TV

You can watch Lifetime on Apple TV using the guide below:

  • Go to the Apple TV Home screen
  • Go to the App Store and browse the lifetime app
  • Locate the Lifetime app and select it. Follow the prompt to download and install it
  • Open the app to generate an activation code
  • Take note of the code and visit
  • Choose your device (Apple TV)
  • Click on your TV provider
  • Fill in the generated activation code
  • Verify your subscription by tapping on Continue

Proceed to your provider’s website and verify your account.

How To Activate Lifetime TV channel on Amazon Firestick

Following the steps mentioned below, you will watch the Lifetime channel on your Firestick

  • Turn on your Firestick.
  • On the Homepage select the search icon
  • Search for the Lifetime app and then hit enter.
  • From the results, click the Lifetime app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Tap on the Lifetime icon to launch the app on your Fire TV device. Proceed to activate it
  • After you open the app, find the activation code and note it down.
  • On your PC or your smartphone, go to the Lifetime app’s activation link at
  • Enter the code
  • Then, click on the Continue button.

With these steps, you can enjoy the Lifetime app on Fire TV as it is activated.

Lifetime not activating? What to do

If the tv channel is not activating and you know the information you provided is correct, please contact your TV provider for further instructions. Also, you will have to make sure that you have subscribed to the service before proceeding.

How to watch Lifetime on your Smart TV

If you want to watch the Lifetime channel on any Smart TV. First and foremost you must download the app on the Smart TV.  Use your tv remote to navigate to the Apps section of your television.

Then search for the Lifetime app and add it or install it as part of your channels. Follow the onscreen guide to start watching shows and other videos the Contents lifetime channel has.


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