myTHDHR portal gives Home depot associates/Employees access to their work info. For current and former employees at the Homedepot store, you will need to visit the home depot Employee portal at, for info about the company, make schedules, access payroll, benefits etc.


Are you a new Home depot Associate or Employee? If yes, stick to this write-up to the end. This post will teach you all you need to know about the Home Depot Employee portal.


Visit for Home Depot Employee Schedule Login info. But before I continue with the Homedepot Associates website detail, I will like to talk about the Home depot itself.

Home Depot is a popular retail store in the United States. The Home Depot company is popular for providing home tools, products, and services. The company has stores in more than 2,286 locations, with employees. Home Depot associates/Employees have a lot of benefits to enjoy, including the Employee’s self-service- MyTHDHR Workday login, schedule login etc.

To make things easier for Employees, Homedepot provides an official Employee Website known as myTHDHR. login is the official website where home depot associates visit to view home depot’s workday schedule, W-2 etc.

myTHDHR Login portal gives the employees access to every info they need, so they don’t need to cluster around the HR office to get information. Visit the Employee website to get info about; MyTHDHR Login, Benefits, MyTHDHR workday login, schedule, my THDHR pay and support phone number

Home Depot myTHDHR Benefits

Home depot offers lots of outstanding benefits to its Associates/Employees. The following are some of the employee’s website benefits!

  • Offers MyTHDHR Employee Website, where you can activate the payment card & direct depot by yourself.
  • Employees can print the pay and tax statement online
  • With the Home Depot Employee website, you can check the LOA (Leave of Absence) status.

Home Depot offers mouthwatering benefits to employees both full-time and part-time staff. Check out the following benefits;

  • Home depot offers part-time associates life insurance and health insurance benefits.
  • Homedepot full-time associates may have a vision, dental, insurance, medical, & more.
  • You can also view the Life and Work Benefits on the home depot MyTHDHR login portal.
  • Have access to the financial benefits such as 401 (k) plan, employee stock purchase plan, bank incentive, and direct deposit.
  • You can set up your work schedule online
  • With the Mythdhr Kronos, you can view the workday/daily schedule.

The main purpose of Mythdhr Kronos is to schedule and attendance to home depot associates.

myTHDHR pay

Home Depot offers two ways to receive your payments electronically, Direct deposit and a Payroll card Direct deposit is the safest, fastest and most convenient way to get paid.

The payroll card is the best option for associates who do not have a bank account. Though both MyTHDHR pay options give peace of mind, you will get paid on time, every time, regardless of natural disasters or delivery delays.

MyTHDHR Sign up 

Necessity demand that, as a newly employed employee, you have to have a standing connection with the company (MyTHDHR). This can be fulfilled when you tender proper documentation to MyTHDHR HRM dependent and open an employee account with the company. This is to say, that you can create an account online but only with the help of the HRM department.


With myTHDHR Login page, you can access the pay stub of the respective employee/associate. So, to access the employee pay stub, visit the home depot my apron login portal. You can access this one at the Store premises.

To improve your career plan & self-improvement as an associate, you can visit the My Orange Ladder option. ( login) Home Depot Ess Login page & MyTHDHR Login is available for both Current & Former Employees. Get all the information about the employee schedules at the Mythdhr Kronos Portal.

How to Login to Home Depot Employee Account at

Follow the steps below to login into your home depot Current Employees account;

  • Go to Home Depot ESS Employee Self-Service at
  • Tap on my home depot ess “Self Service” tab
  • Tap on the link that says current associates, click here to login
  • Fill in your location, username and password
  • Tap on login

You can now access all your Homedepot employee details, benefits, pay stubs, make schedules, check workday etc.

How to Login to Home Depot ESS Employee Portal for Former Employees 

Take these steps to access your account,

  • Progress to mythdhr login website at MyThdhr.Com.
  • Tap on the home depot employee “self-service” option.
  • Click the link that says “Former associates and associates on LOA, click here to login”
  • Key in the following; Last Name, D.O.B, Last six (6) digits of Social Security Number/Social Insurance Number
  • Enter captcha code
  • Press on the “Continue To Security Validation” option.

Proceed with the onscreen steps & check all your benefits.

myTHDHR Phone Number

Searching for Home Depot Benefits Center phone Number? Home Depot Employee Stock Purchase Plan phone number? Or MyTHDHR Human Resources phone Number?

Go to

Scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the MyTHDHR phone number.

How to Access Home Depot Kronos Time Detail

Go to

Click on Kronos- time Attendance and Schedule link. Enter your location, then Log in With your Username and Password,

How do I Access Home Depot pay stub?

Kindly visit the login page at Then log in with your username and password to access your paystub. when you have logged in to the site, you can be able to access all information about your payroll information.

Mythdhr Schedule

Mythdhr schedule can be accessed when you log in to your account. Are you an employee and do you want to know certain up to date and activities for your next assignment? then you will have to log on to your account and check the schedule box to know what your next tasks will be. Hence, with the Mythdhr schedule, you can access the Mythdhr workday and other activities.

Do Home Depot employees work on commission?

Bennett while there are bonuses offered based on store performance, tore employees do not receive a commission on sales. Home Depot associate Jonathan wrote that the lack of commission ensures a merely equitable environment at the store.

Do Home Depot Appliance Employees make Commission?

Mythdhr, have its current commission of 1% on products, mobile and buy online pick up in-store orders, 1% on appliances and 8% on select home decor products.

How do I talk to a Live Person at Home Depot?

Are you having a hard time with your account and other activities on the website and do you want to talk to a person to ensure you are on a safer side? You have nothing to worry about. you can reach out to the HRM admin department or the customer service department via its website at

How Longs Home Depot Probation Period? 

The Depot probation period lasts for 120 days and it is open to all newly employed employees. To partake in this offer, you have to reach out to the HRM department as all employee needs are loved there.

Can you be Rehired at Home Depot?

Yes. But you have to wait for six months. This really depends on what you get fired for. Attendance, for example, you can be hired after a down period. However, salary violations are not rehired.

Can Home Depot Employee take Tips?

No. Any employee or associate who works under home depots company policies is not allowed to receive any tips from customers. Hence, anyone found would be charged for criminal activities.


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