Rewards is a United Healthcare Medicare rewards program website, where you find all information about UHC rewards. The UHC health and wellness rewards program is designed for UHC Medicare members to keep them at the peak of their health. Rewards

However, it simply means that united healthcare members receive rewards for their maximum dedication to keeping their health in check. Wow! It sounds great, right? Read on to learn more about the UHC rewards program. Rewards

UHC Medicare is offering different UnitedHealthcare rewards programs which are available with specific health plans. Moreover, the easiest and best way to see which wellness resources come with your health plan benefits is to sign in to your health plan account. Read the section below to get the different rewards programs.

United Healthcare (UHC) Rewards Programs for Medicare members 2022

As a United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare member, you may have access to the following rewards programs;

  • UnitedHealthcare Renew Active
  • UnitedHealthcare Renew Rewards

The UnitedHealthcare Renew Active: The Renew Active rewards program is a fitness program that helps members reach fitness goals and stimulates their brains. This active program helps members move their bodies at the gym or at home, stay sharp with brain exercises, and take care of their social well-being by staying connected to their communities.

The UnitedHealthcare Renew Rewards: with UHC renew Rewards, members get rewarded by simply doing things that can help them live healthier. With Renew Rewards by UnitedHealthcare, you may be eligible to earn rewards for completing certain health care activities, like your annual physical or wellness visit. However, the Renew Rewards for UnitedHealthcare are not available on all plans.

My UHC Rewards Programs for Insurance Through Work

Do you have an employer-sponsored health plan? If so, you may have access to the following rewards programs;

  • Rally
  • SimplyEngaged
  • UnitedHealthcare Motion
  • United healthcare personal rewards


Rally reward: this is an official website and mobile app that enables members to learn simple ways to take care of their health. When you make little changes and add healthy habits to your everyday life, you can move closer to better health management. This may lead to living a full and active life. You can also earn rally coins for rewards at the same time.


SimplyEngaged Rewards is a wellness incentive program that can help you get and stay healthier. You will receive rewards when you participate in a biometric screening and complete health activities using a personalized dashboard with recommendations designed to help keep you on track. Here are things to expect:

  • Incentives to make positive health changes
  • Tips on how to live healthier
  • Maximum support to build better health through lifestyle habits

UnitedHealthcare Motion

UnitedHealthcare Motion allows members to use an activity device to track their activity, set goals and earn financial rewards when they reach them. With this reward program, members can earn $3 to $4 a day toward their health savings account. That is to say, the more goals you reach, the more rewards you get.

UnitedHealth Personal Rewards

The UnitedHealth Personal Rewards program combines incentives with tools to enable members to make more informed health and lifestyle decisions. Thus, decisions like getting recommended preventive care or reaching health goals Moreover, members get solutions and communications designed to help improve their health and earn rewards like UnitedHealthcare rewards gift cards, health savings account deposits or reimbursements, or Rally® Coins.

How to Earn My UHCMedicare Rewards

Do you want to earn UHCMedicare Rewards? You have a chance to earn UHC Medicare rewards if you are a registered member. Further, members can earn renewed rewards by completing certain health care activities, including your annual physical or wellness visit. So, to begin the UHC reward hunting journey, you will need to have a UHC Account.

How To Sign Up for Unitedhealthcare Account

To sign up for a UHC account, do the following:

  • Get your UHC health plan ID card.
  • Navigate to the website at
  • Select Register Now.
  • Follow the instructions on the page to finish the registration.

These are the procedures to sign up for a UHC account. login

After you register for an account, the UnitedHealthcare Member Rewards website is available for access 24/7. Simply sign in to to access the Member Rewards program. However, in order to perform a UHC login, you must provide your UHC login ID and password information.

How to Login to My UnitedHealthcare Renew Rewards Account

To sign in to your UnitedHealthcare Renew rewards, the following steps are for you:

  • Move to
  • Key in your UHC Rewards login ID.
  • Input your password.
  • Click on the Submit button beneath
  • Follow the instructions to access your UHCMedicare renew rewards account.

These are guides on how to perform the Unitedhealthcare renew rewards login. Once you log in, you can find out if you are eligible for Member Rewards.

The UnitedHealthcare Rewards Phone Number

Do you need any form of help or assistance concerning MyUHC rewards or do you have queries regarding your UHC Medicare login? If yes, simply contact UHC customer service. And to get the Unitedhealthcare rewards phone number online, do the following:

  • Go to the UHC website at
  • Click on the Contact Us button under the page.
  • Choose the topic that relates to you by clicking on the link.

Follow the prompts to get the appropriate UHC phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UnitedHealthcare Give Gift Cards?

Yes. When you visit your primary care provider with a UnitedHealthcare plan, you may qualify to receive a $25 gift card from a national retailer like Amazon or Walmart.

Does UnitedHealthcare have a rewards program?

Yes, they have. There are different rewards programs offered through UnitedHealthcare. They include

Rewards programs for insurance through work: Rarry, SimplyEngaged, UnitedHealthcare Motion, and UnitedHealthcare Personal Rewards.

Rewards program for Medycare members: UHC Renew Active and UHC Renew rewards program

What are all the products offered by UnitedHealthcare Medicare and retirement?

Below is the list of insurance plans offered by UnitedHealthcare (UHC) medicare.

  • The Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans.
  • Dual Special Needs (D-SNP) Plans
  • The Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)
 What are the renewed rewards from UnitedHealthcare?

Renew Rewards from UnitedHealthcare is the type of reward that lets you earn reward cards when you complete certain health care actions-actions like tracking your steps, going to your annual physical and wellness visit, getting a flu shot, and being current on your preventive screenings.


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