What is Nakuri? Are you job hunting? If you are then you need to read this. Have you tried the Nakuri platform as of yet? If you haven’t then you should. Nakuri is an online Indian job portal. This portal or platform operates mainly in India and the Middle East. Founded in the year 1997 by an Indian businessman, the platform has been a very popular and prominent place for both job seekers and job givers.


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The rate of unemployment keeps rising with each passing day and little to nothing is being done about it by the government. Only a selected few are doing anything about it. Now there are times when there are available jobs, but due to lack of qualifications, the said job becomes unattended to. Due to the alarming rate of unemployment in the world today, there are platforms being set up to connect people with available jobs, and the Nakuri platform is one of these. Just like Craigslist, this platform connects employers and employees.

This is a very popular platform for job seekers in India and the Middle East. This platform makes it very easy for job seekers to get jobs. You can easily find jobs on this platform that matches your skillset. That’s just how great this platform is.

Tips on Getting Job Suggestions on Nakuri

This platform has been a great place for job seekers over the years. There have been great reviews regarding the platform. But do you know that not everybody who makes use of the platform gets their dream jobs?

Now, what do you think that they are doing wrong that others are not doing? I will be giving you some tips on getting jobs on this platform and you should please try them out. A good resume will go a long way when submitting resumes on this platform. As they say, the first impression matters a lot.

When you apply for a job on this platform, your resume will be the first thing that employers will see. Therefore your resume must look professional. It must be well-structured and well-written.

When seeking jobs on this platform do well to complete the entire profile. Most people feel like the detail filling phase of the Nakuri platform is too lengthy and boring, therefore they don’t fill out everything. It is wrong. Fill in every detail; cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.

The next thing you should do is to give accurate information. Don’t rush through the process. Take your time so as not to make any mistakes. Don’t forget about your registration on the platform.

Due to the fact that some persons have not gotten a reply a few days after registration, they lose hope and forget about the platform. Be patient and be expectant. And lastly have the app on your mobile device so as to always keep in touch with the platform.

How to Register For Jobs on Nakuri

Registering for jobs on this platform is easy and free, but only if you know how to do this. You do not need to be a registered user on the platform before you can apply for jobs on the platform. But registering on the platform gives you an edge over unregistered users. If you haven’t done this before, you will need some guidance, to do this;

  • Go to nakuri.com.
  • Search for a job or go through the job listings on the platform.
  • Once you have selected the job you want to apply for, you can now apply for it.

That’s it! You can apply for a job on this platform in two ways which are the ‘single apply’ or the ‘multiple apply’. The single-apply option lets you apply for one job at a time. It lets you review the complete job specifications before applying.

The ‘multiple apply’ option, on the other hand, lets you apply for more than one job at a time. To do this, you have to select all the jobs you want to apply for. And by clicking on the apply button sends you your application simultaneously.

Nakuri Account

To register for an account on this platform;

That’s it! You have just successfully created an account on the Nakuri platform. Know that when you register for an account on the platform you get to store and access your resume online. You also get personalized job alerts. Also, you get to create multiple and customized job profiles and also get to define your account confidentiality settings.


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