National Geographic is calling out Journalists to apply for its COVID 19 Emergency Fund for Journalists 2020.

In the most difficult of times, journalism plays several roles in supporting communities around the globe by telling the world or sharing it rather.

It can disseminate critical information to keep people safe and well informed. Journalists can illuminate stories that bring us hope and remind us of our shared human experience.

National Geographic COVID 19 Emergency Fund for Journalists 2020

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Also, it can help us find and share solutions to certain problems in the world. Read on to find out more about it, deadline, requirements, and how to apply.

National Geographic COVID 19 Emergency Fund for Journalists 2020

The National Geographic Society is launching an emergency fund for journalists all over the world who wish to cover COVID 19 cases within their own communities.

This fund will place particular emphasis on delivering news to underserved populations

Particularly where there is a dearth of evidence-based information or increase in getting to those that need it.

The Community is interested in both local and even hyper-local distribution models. This fund is designed to quickly deliver support to journalists from all around their world.

Beyond reporting on medical and physical health-related to COVID-19, National Geographic also encourages reports that cover social, emotional, economic, and equity issues happening.

Narratives around the Pandemic necessarily include facts and numbers, but ultimately, must also go deeper telling the stories of inequities that COVID-19 has brought to light.

As a Journalist, now this your chance to apply for this emergency fund.

Who can Apply?

The community is seeking writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists, cartographers, filmmakers, and also data visualization experts.

That means if you’re good at any of the mentions, you can apply no matter the location you are. Also, applicants must be 18 years and above at the application submission time.

Application Deadline

The final deadline for the application is November 15, 2020, so if you’re fast enough, you are likely to meet up with the application process.

Report Covers

The report as said by National Geographic may cover any aspect of the virus and its fallouts, including but not limited;

  • Social consequences of COVID-19 and measures to contain it. Particularly related to equity such as its impact on immigrant communities, domestic violence, and early childhood education.
  • Stories of resilience and solutions that could be applied on a regional or global scale.
  • Novel forms of data visualization or science communication to help communities better understand ways to protect themselves.
  • Lessons learned from the local response(s) to COVID-19 that could be applied to other large-scale challenges, such as climate change or the refugee crisis.
  • Best practices of how educators, students, and schools are reacting to this crisis, particularly as they illuminate under-resourced schools.


The National Geographic said all application materials must be in English and those applying must be at least 18 years at the time of submitting an application.

The community usually requires a project start date of six months after the application is submitted, but for this emergency fund, immediately start dates are accepted.

You can apply or sign in HERE.


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