Are you an aspiring candidate for this institution and want to know about the online portal? If you want to do, like you want to know more about this platform then continue reading.  The national open university of Nigeria portal is the online access to the institution Justin case you have been wondering.

National Open University Of Nigeria Portal

The national open university of Nigeria as you may have known by now is an online school. This institution is not an all complete online institution, but to a great extent, it is and that is the reason why it is being referred to as an online institution.

National Open University Of Nigeria Portal

If you are a worker and you are an aspiring student or if you still wish to acquire formal education at the same time, this is the best place to go. This institution is the first of its kind in western Africa just in case you never knew. When compared to other institutions and varsities in the nation is the biggest in terms of student numbers.

This institution has study centers all over the country. The institution is taking education to people and places where it is deemed impossible at a cheaper rate. And this is one of the various reasons I love the institution. It is cheap.

The qualifications and certification offered in this educational institution is equivalent to other institutions in the country. It is less stressful and majorly flexible. By being flexible, here is what I mean. I simply mean that you spread a 4-year course for a period of 6 years or more in the manner you choose. Since this institution is an open educational learning institution most of its activities are done online. Now the question here is, how many online portals does this institution have?

National Open University Of Nigeria Student Portal

Over the years there have always been changes to the national Open University portals. But currently, as at the time of this writing, the official student login portal of the national open university of Nigeria is This. As a student of this institution, this is the place where you get to log in to your student dashboard.

This portal is known as the student login page or portal because it provides students with all the necessary and basic information required. This platform was previously accessed via, but not anymore. The platform can now be accessed via NOUONLINE.NET.  On this portal and platform all students of this great institution can now access and process everything, well almost everything needed to make their time on the institution easier and fun.

On the student login portal page, students can get to check their RRR. RRR stands for Remita retrieval reference. And on this page, you can check your Remita payment status. On this portal, students can also make other semester registration, exam registration and so much more.

National Open University Studyware Portal

Before the student portal started operating as the student portal, it was known as the student portal. Meanwhile, the student login page has now been taken over and it’s now known as the courseware download portal. This means that on this portal, you can download course wares such as textbooks online.

How To Check NOUN Remita Status Via Student Login Portal

Just as I have established already in this article, you can also check your Remita payment status on this platform. To check your Remita status;

  • Go to NOUN on your device.
  • On the top of the student login page, click on check RRR.
  • On the next page, enter your RRR number and then choose the payment category.
  • Payment categories are for an undergraduate application form, postgraduate application form, Ph.D. application form, and wallet funding.
  • Click on check after entering your details correctly.

Wait for it to load to check your Remita payment status.

How To Login To Your Student Dashboard

This page is the most important page of this institution. To login to your student portal, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Noun.
  • Click on the Students tab and then on login.
  • Enter your matric number and password in the spaces provided.

You will be logged in immediately to your student dashboard.

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