National Open University Of Nigeria Website – The National Open University Official Website


Do you know of the national open university of Nigeria website? I know that you should have heard of one of the most revered institutions in Nigeria by now. If you don’t know of this institution, here it is. The name of this institution is the national open university of Nigeria. The national Open University is something that people use to see as not really much. In other to further simplify the latter here is what I mean. In the matter of the national open university of Nigeria, students that regard it that much. Since the institution is not like the traditional conventional institution they are all used to, it is not even considered. But one important fact right now is that this institution is one of the largest if not the largest in the nation today.

National Open University Of Nigeria Website

National Open University Of Nigeria Website

In 2017 alone, the population of this institution nationwide was well over four hundred thousand. At the same time, the number of centers all over the country was seventy. But as at the time of this writing, the number has well doubled or even more. What was once seen as a disadvantage is now one of the biggest and greatest advantages of attending and being part of the institution. This institution is an open institution or distance learning institution.

A distance learning institution or open university is one that is done online. It can also be referred to as e-learning. With this form of education and learning, the tutors and students don’t necessarily need to be in the same location as everything can be done entirely online. This institution is the best for an aspiring student who is finding it difficult to actually balance work and study life. If you are this type of person, then you really should try this educational institution out.

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Advantages Of National Open University Of Nigeria

When this institution first came into the nation, it wasn’t recognized the way it should be. What people didn’t know about this institution is that it holds a lot of potentials and it can be of great help and benefit to users if maximized to the fullest. In the aspect of this article, I will be making mention of some of the various benefits of this great institution for clarity purposes. Well, these benefits and advantages of this institution are somewhat things you also should know about the institution. Below are some of the benefits of studying in this institution;

  • The national open university of Nigeria is a federal government school. As a federal institution, it simply means that the institution is favored. If you are a student, then you will understand what I meant. The authenticity and credibility of this institution is already known, therefore there is no need for extra verification.
  • This institution is a global concept. The concept of the national Open University is global and has been around for quite some time, over 40 years to be precise. Just in case you are wondering, this institution did not start in Nigeria. There are more than 60 open universities in the world including, Canada, Thailand, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Israel, and others.
  • It is no news that the educational activities of this nation is always disrupted by strike and union actions every now and then, but with this institution, it is not so. This institution is not affected by the strike or any other action.
  • In the matter of NYSC, this institution used to get an NYSC exemption letter. This means that they don’t get to attend or partake in the NYSC exercise. But just recently, they have been included in the program, but it’s still very much optional.
  • Lastly, admission to this institution is very easy and open. You don’t need to go through the stress of writing jamb and post jamb before you can gain admission. Admission is free and open, All you need is an SSCE certificate and the minimum requirements.

These are just some of the things about this institution you never knew about.

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The National Open University Official Website

Since this institution is an e-learning institution, most of its activities will be done and carried out online. This institution has various websites. This institution has three main websites and they are the official institution’s webpage, the student’s web portal, and the students ware portal. The official webpage is a page where you get all the necessary and basic information about the institution. Whenever there is an announcement on the platform, this is the place it will be published. And this is where you can get access to it as a student. On this webpage, you will also get access to everything you need about, admission requirements, courses, faculties, study centers and so much more.

To get access to this page, go to NOUN. The student’s portal is the webpage, where students and both staff alike get to access their dashboard and personal student profiles. On this platform, they can fund their eWallet, generate RRR, take tutor marked assessments (TMA), and so much more staff of this institution can also login to their dashboard from this place. To access this platform, go to NOUN Students Portal. The study ware platform on the other hand is a repository of digital course materials available. These materials are provided to help guide students in the course of their studies. In lay man’s terms, it simply means that when you are looking forward to downloading a course material, this is the place to visit. To access this platform, go to NOUN Studyware

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