Nero Wave Editor is an amazing tool used to treat all types of audio files without changing or altering the sound quality. The software offers amazing features that make give users a great editing experience. However, users can add as many audio files as they want, and when you input the clip, you’re going to edit, the Wave Editor will show you its sound waves.

Nero Wave Editor - Download Free Audio Editing and Recording Nero Wave Software

This makes the whole sequence of sound to be well defined and easily viewable, and you can easily choose certain sections to focus on. Among other features, you can cut, paste, or edit segments, add silences, or mix files without damaging them. Find out more about the app in the fields beneath.


Nero Wave Editor

The Nero Wave Editor has an easy-to-use interface. Even beginners can comfortably use the app without getting confused. The interface is designed according to the most basic usability parameters for editing audio tracks, to enable people without prior experience to use it.

Moreover, by clicking and dragging, you can remove parts, mute them, move them to the beginning, or layer them over other audio files. So, after editing the file to your liking, you can save the result in formats like WAV, MP3, and WMA, or keep it as a Nero project to continue working on it at another time.

A large number of filters and tools that come with this software makes it one of the best options not just for creating complex audio but also for doing so while maintaining the audio quality despite these modifications.

Nero Wave Editor Features

Here are the features of Nero Wave Editor;

  • Nero editor allows you to record music, and edit the respective audio files using various filters and sound enhancement methods.
  • Users can burn these optimized audio files using a dedicated CD/DVD burning program.
  • The Wave Editor lets you edit the audio files in real-time without destroying the original file.
  • It has an internal reference-based audio format, the editing history is also saved so that changes can be undone.
  • Offers effects like (e.g., chorus, delay, flange, reverb), numerous tools (e.g., stereo processor, equalizer, noise gate), sophisticated improvement algorithms (band extrapolation, noise suppression, DE clicker).
  • Filters and tools in the software assist you in editing your files.

All that you have seen up here are all the features of the Nero wave editor.

Nero Wave Editor Download

To download the app on your Windows PC, do this;

  • Go to your PC.
  • Launch your browser.
  • Type in “Nero wave editor”.
  • On the result screen, select a trusted site, that has the app.
  • Find the download button and click on it.

Follow further directives to run the software on your PC.

How To Use Nero Wave Editor

How To Add track split: there are two ways to add track splits, you can do that automatically or manually.

For automatic

  • Proceed to the menu bar.
  • On the menu bar, click on the edit tab.
  • Select ‘Pause Detection’.
  • Set the dB value to a minimum (-30 dB), leave the rest of the settings the way they are.
  • If your result is not optimal you can trot out some other settings.

Add Click Split Manually: go to the Edit menu and use the ‘Insert track split’ function in combination with the cursor position on the waveform. Then, each split will create a new track. To check each split; kindly zoom in to see the detailed waveform view.

If you are not Ok with the position, just touch the set track split with the cursor and move it slightly left or right. Moreover, you can also use this function after you have added track splits automatically. How to export tracks as individual files; to export your tracks as individual files.

  • Open the app.
  • Navigate to the edit menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom entry ‘Save tracks as Files’.
  • On the new page, you can rename your tracks manually.
  • Within the selectable audio file formats for export, you have many options: besides MP3 and AAC even lossless formats.
  • Then, choose the folder where you want to save your files and tap on the ok button.

These are procedures on how to add track split, using this software.


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