Netflix Audio Description. Audio description is an optional narration that gives some description about things that are going on the screen when you are watching movies or tv shows. They are costumes, physical actions, scene changes, and facial expressions.

Netflix Audio Description

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Audio description is a track that always plays to briefly narrate the stories about what is happening on a tv show or movie. You can listen if you want to or not the audio description is very important for the sake of those who have sight inability.

Netflix Audio Description

Audio descriptions appear in some of the selected TV shows and movies, especially on Netflix’s original series. Audio description can be allowed or not allowed by customers

Netflix will be increasing the presence of audio descriptions to be available on smartphones, i0s, television sets, and other types of devices.

How to Download Netflix Audio Description?

If you want to download audio descriptions while watching movies or TV shows on Android or tablet and i0s with Android and tablet. follow the below process;

  • Turn on your Android or tab
  • Go to the Netflix app and open it
  • Select an audio option that has an audio description
  • Go back to the movie or TV show that is playing and has permitted audio description
  • After you have followed this process, you need to delete the TV show or movie and re-download it so that you can be able to download TV shows or movies with an audio description.

The above steps to download audio description on Netflix with Android and tablet.

Download Audio Description on IOS

Follow the below steps to download the audio description on Netflix with i0s;

  • Select Settings in your device home screen
  • Now, select Accessibility
  • Choose audio description
  • Switch it to be on
  • Go back to the Netflix app
  • From the player, menu click on the audio and subtitles option as the download title is still playing
  • Ensure to choose an audio option that has an audio description
  • Go back to the movie or TV show that is still playing and has a permitted audio description

These are steps to download audio descriptions on Netflix with your i0s.

Netflix Audio Description Turn On

You have been trying on how to turn on Netflix audio, don’t bother anymore you just have to follow these steps below;

  • Turn on your device and open Netflix
  • choose a movie or a TV show
  • start to play the movie or the TV show then,
  • click the screen
  • you will press on the remote button that shows up and down
  • on the Apple TV remote, you have to press the middle button
  • you still have to swipe down on the remote
  • choose the dialogue at the bottom or at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the language you understand from the language options on the tv screen.
  • You can click “other” for all language options to appear.

Follow these steps to turn on the Netflix audio description.

How to inactivate Audio Description on Netflix?

Below are steps to inactivate the audio description from your phone;

  • Open the device and go to settings
  • Select “General”
  • Then, choose accessibility
  • You have to select the audio description
  • Switch off the toggle
  • Go back to Netflix and begin to watch your movie or your TV show
  • Tap on your device screen as the TV show or movie is still playing
  • Choose the dialogue button that is at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Chose the audio options and make sure when the audio description is not found
  • For the audio description not to be active, you have to click “done”
  • Save the settings after you have to let the TV show or movie play for five minutes

Above are processes you need to follow so that the audio description will not be active on your phone home screen.


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