What are Netflix movies? Well, if you are talking about Netflix movies then you are indirectly talking about a huge chunk on the Netflix platform itself, if not all. For you to get a better understanding of what Netflix movies are all about, you need to know what the Netflix platform is all about.

Netflix Movies

Most people already know of this great platform because it is a popular one. But if you do not know of the Netflix platform, you have nothing to worry about it. I will be writing on it exclusively before I go any further on this article.

Netflix is an online video streaming platform. This platform is also a DVD rental platform. It first started out as a DVD rental platform before developing into a video streaming platform.

On this platform, you get access to the best TV series, shows, movies, documentaries and other video content. The platform is a very popular one and it is available in almost every corner of the earth.

Netflix movies on the other hand, therefore, mean movies on the Netflix platform. That’s how easy and simple it is.

But you will only be granted access to this great platform if only you are a registered user of the platform. If you are not a registered user on this platform you cannot get through to movies on the platform.

How to Get Access to Netflix Movies

As I have established above, this platform is only accessible and available to registered users. The registered users here are the ones with valid accounts on the platform.

If you do not have a Netflix account you cannot get through to the Netflix platform. To get through to this platform you need to create an account now.

Creating an account is also an easy one but only if you know-how. The process is kind of complex but I am going to put you through every step of creating a Netflix account.

You will have to complete a three-step procedure to successfully create your Netflix account. Follow the steps below to create a Netflix account;

  • open the website through your web browser on your device or you can click on https://www.netflix.com/.
  • enter your “email” on the box that is displayed on the website.
  • click on the “get started” button that is by the side.
  • enter a “password” on the form given.
  • click on the ‘next” button that is below that form given.

follow all other instruction on the website to complete the process on the site. When you have finished with these steps your Netflix account will be created immediately. Once your account has been created, you can now start watching movies on the platform.

Having know the above, we will be teaching you how to watch movies on the website. thus, you will not have to sign up for an account on the site to access these movies.

How to Watch Movies on Netflix Website 

The following are steps to follow when you want to watch movies on the Netflix website. below are steps to follow.

  • launch the website on your web browser by typing the URL of the website on your web browser. thus, you can click on https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/34399.
  • click on the movie you want to watch.
  • tap on the episode you will like to watch.

follow all other instruction on the website to complete the process on the website. with the above, we will be showing you top ten movies on Netflix.

Top Ten Movies on Netflix Right Now

Below are the top ten movies to stream on the Netflix platform right now. This list was kind of hard coming up with it, but anyway, here it is;

  • Home team.
  • Dark shadows.
  • Blow.
  • Top Gun.
  • The package.
  • Project X.
  • Four Brothers.
  • Fatherhood.
  • Home.
  • Rad notice.

Home Team

Movie is an amazing one as it show the emotional reaction of viewers when a certain man named “Sean Payton” goes back to his home time and reconnect with his son. well, its a movie you would love to watch.

Dark shadows

Dark shadow is really one of a kind, this movie can be related to “romance”, “love” and “heart break”. it talk about a certain young man who fell in love with a witch and later brook her heart. well out of anger the witch turn the young man to a vampire and buries him alive.


This movie passes a message on the danger of been involved with drugs. Hence, it would be nice going to explore more on it.

Top Gun

top gun is an amazing movie that all movie lovers would want to watch. well, it took audience off their feet as they where amazed with the action in the movies.

The package

This movie showed how courage some group of teenage where as they took steps to save a precious package given to them for delivery. this is an amazing movie that is worth your attention.

Project X

this is a movie that took viewer into imaging the rate of bully some children’s go through while in school in the hands of seniors. get this movie and see what goes on in some schools.

Four Brothers

This movies shows how amazing bound among family member could be beautiful. how unit make the family stronger. get this movie and laugh out loud.


this is a movie that talks about a father bringing up his child as a Sigle operant. thus after the death of his wife. The child love for her dad became stronger ever as she grows up.


the home movie is really a funny movie and if you a movie lover you should explore on this one. thus it will make you laugh and give you some vita lesson to learn.

Rad notice

Red notice is one of a kind as it brings out actions, love and justice. it a movie you won’t want to miss out.

These are the top ten movies currently streaming on the Netflix platform right now.


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