Welcome to NetFlix vs DStv. The ongoing war between cable television and teaming networks has been heated just recently. In Twitter, there has been a string of ongoing rends ‘#dstvmustfall’, I don’t know if you have noticed this recently. But however if you haven’t noticed it is not the issue here, though it still is a huge factor here.

Netflix Vs DStv

Imagine going through the reviews of a product before purchasing and you find out that most of the reviews by users are poor, what do you do? Personally, I think the answer to the question is straightforward and simple. Avoid going through the other users.


Netflix Vs DStv

You might be caught up in the world of choosing between a streaming platform and a cable television platform. in this case in order to choose there are lots of criteria to weigh before selecting one. With the hike in subscription fees for cable television platforms like DStv, is it the right time to ditch it for a network streaming platform like Netflix?

Mind you before you rush to a conclusion, don’t forget that Netflix over the years, has hunted users with a range of ads. Imagine streaming a show you are really enjoying and being stopped halfway through all the time with annoying ads.

So you see, when you take a critical look at both platforms, none is really an angel here. The truth is that many users, mostly in African regions have been hunted with the question of which to choose from. Some have even jumped from one platform to the other in order to select a preference. Personally, I have gone through the whole thing and I have arrived at a solution. With this article, you just might also get the answer you have been looking for.

As an African, DStv has been my very own preference for years. It was not that I chose it. It just happened to be so for me and my family. Personally, I don’t spend much time in front of the television but it has been my platform for movies, news, sports, and entertainment. Since I don’t spend much time with it, it, therefore, serves me less than it serves other members of my family as  I watch TV occasionally, don’t call me weird, it’s just the way it is

Is Netflix Worth It

If you are a social media user, then you would have a range of ads from Netflix, telling you to subscribe to their platform with a free thirty days trial. While it is tempting and all, you should know that the basic plan for a Netflix subscription costs $7.99 per month. Considering this amount, one might think it is cheap and they are right. But if you add up the cost of an internet connection, you may be looking at almost $50 if not more than in order to keep the whole thing going on monthly.

In order to make use of Netflix, you are going to need a stable source of internet subscription and you already know that with the case of internet providers in regions of Africa is nothing to write home about. This is not something to bank on and that’s why platforms like Netflix are not that popular. I once wasted a month’s Netflix subscription due to a poor internet connection.

Should You Use DSTV – Netflix Vs DStv

One of the biggest advantages DStv has over Netflix for the now is that you do not need an internet connection to access the contents and services of DSTV. And you don’t only get to access the services and contents on TV alone as you can also stream via the DSTV now app.

Netflix’s basic plan gives users access to watch its contents on only one device. But with the same price on DStv, you get to access it on 4 devices. In order to get Netflix’s contents on 4 devices, you will need to subscribe to a premium plan for $12 monthly.

Should I Ditch Netflix For DStv

Netflix for so many users may appear cheaper. But do you know that when you incorporate your data charges into the cost and all you will find out that just maybe you are sending even more than what you are doing for DSTV? Well, I did the calculation some time ago and was shocked by what I ended with. Personally, DStv is a cheaper option when it comes to the pricing of both platforms.

Also, DSTV is a more convenient option when compared. In terms of value, DSTV also has the edge. Well, at least this is what I think regarding both platforms. In general, both platforms want your money but at the end of the day, it is your choice to select the platform that deserves your money and as you have read so far, you know where my loyalty stands.


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