Netlify may not be a popular term for you, but it would surprise you to know that so many people out there make use of it. This San Francisco-based cloud computing company and service has been of help to so many websites out there. With this, let’s proceed further.




Netlify is a San Francisco-based cloud computing company that provides hosting and serverless services for websites that are static. It does just more than that! This company provides you with deployments from a coordinated system across a global application delivery network, serverless handling, joined with Let’s Encrypt, and support from Amazon Web Services. What else? You can make use of this service in either a free or paid plan. The users of this app include Google, Verizon, Facebook, Lodash, Samsung, NBC, Peloton, Atlassian, Cisco, Citrix, and Sequoia Capital.

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What is Netlify

Before moving over to a review, we should start by identifying what this is all about and the services they provide. Netlify is a web hosting technology company based in the location of San Francisco. You can be sure that this company will provide the next generation of web hosting and automation, which will be very affordable and easy to access. It also offers web hosting for JAMstack websites.

Netlify Review

There are just so many companies that host static websites today. However, one of the best is Netlify. Why do people prefer hosting their websites using this service? In its case, it is so easy for you as a developer to host your website responsibly. This is a way that is just safe and secure for you.

They simply make it so easy for developers to deploy and host websites. It engages in all the processes for you, as you do not need to spend much effort. Not just that! It also provides several other features and benefits for people who are editors. Let’s check them out.


This cloud computing and web hosting company works by connecting your GitHub repository to pull your source code. From here, it runs a process to pre-render all your pages in static HTML. What happens next? The results from the HTML, CSS, and JS are deployed and passed on across a large number of content delivery networks. With this, when a visitor comes to your site, it selects the data center closest and serves the static files.


There are different plans and pricing for every project. Deploy your websites to global infrastructure within a short period. You can also add advanced features as time goes on. What are the plans and pricing for this service?

  • Starter – $0 per month
  • Pro – $40 per month
  • Business – $1,000 per month

You could make use of any of the above plans to begin the use of this amazing service.


Now you know what Netlify is all about, what next? You would want to gain access to its services, right? Well, you can do so by visiting its official website. From here, you can also sign up for their services and begin the use of this service.

To begin, visit its official website at You can begin the journey right here!


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