Looking at the topic above, you will see a header that says New Facebook Games which is what we are going to be talking about today in this article. Are you a game lover that loves playing games on Facebook with his or her friends online on the Facebook website?

New Facebook Games - Facebook Game Play | Facebook Account

Well, as long this article is consigned, all the information that you need just to learn about the new games on Facebook is here.

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New Facebook Games

As I have said. Only those that love playing games on Facebook are the one who searches for this particular header online. I have also searched for these before which is why I want to share the view with everyone online also who is also looking for this same thing online.

Something about Facebook games is very interesting because there is so much fun playing these games on the platform. Most especially with you are playing with your friends.

Facebook Games

Have you thought about the kinds of games that are on Facebook, if not? I think it is very good for you to know because knowing them can help you find the kind of game you want to play?

The kinds of games you can play on the Facebook platform are as follow; Action games, Bingo, Board, Builders, Card, Card Battle, Match 3, MOBA, Poker and Table, Puzzle, Role Playing, Runner. Facebook also has Simulation, Slots, Sports, Strategy, and trivia, and word.

All these are the groups or categories of games on Facebook, under each of them. We have other games that you can also play and they are all free. The only way you can play these games is only when you are a user of Facebook. As the header says, let see the list of games that are new on Facebook.

Facebook New Games

Facebook has added up new games to the platform that every user can play but this time around it was 18 of them that were added by Facebook. The games are;

  • Ludo Club.
  • Throne Rush.
  • Tetris Battle.
  • Shuffle Cats.
  • Pirate Kings.
  • Mob Wars.
  • Song Pop.
  • NCIS: Hidden Crimes.
  • Diamond Dash Match.
  • Agent Elf.
  • Vegas Slots.
  • Quiz planet.
  • Café world.
  • Endless lake.
  • Restaurant city.
  • Ninja wars.
  • Brick pop.
  • Fish Ville.

These are the list of games that were added recently by Facebook and there are more to come as time goes on.

Where can I Play Facebook Games?

Lots of people who have just registered to the Facebook platform asked when they heard that the site has a gaming page where every user can go to for gameplay. The reason why they ask this kind of question is that they do not know. What I will advise of you is that whenever you don’t know how to do something on Facebook, you should ask.

When you ask, you will find answers to what you are looking for, so you can do it also all by yourself. The place where you can find games on this site is on the games page. And to locate the page, you have to click the “See more” button at the left-hand side of the newsfeed page if you are using the web.

But if you are using a mobile app on Facebook, you have to click the menu icon at the top of the page. Then click games, you will see all the list of games there on the game page. All you have to do is to click the game you want to play. And you can also access games through the Facebook Gameroom app but you have to download the app first.

You will see the Gameroom app right of the game page where other games are. You just have to click on the download link there and tap install. After installing, you have to log in to your Facebook account it and after that, you are free to play any game you want to play.

Facebook Account

If you know you don’t have an account below, you can easily create one by visiting the platform website. I am not going to state the down on the list, all I will be providing for you is that you just have to visit the website which is www.facebook.com. Following the steps on the sign-up page, will direct you on how you can create an account very fast and easily.

After creating the account, you have to verify the account before you can use it. Use the codes sent to your device through your email or mobile number, if you use any of these details in creating the account. When you are done, click the verify button and that is it, you are done with the account.


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