New HBO Max Movies – the movie company releases new movies on a monthly basis. HBO is quite the best streaming movie company with a vast library of HBO shows and movies. The HBO Max movies cover new releases or come back movies. The stream theatrical movies and last up for 30 days.

 New HBO Max Movies

HBO Max movies are released for rent, purchase after such movies had been shown in movie theatres. The movies come in quality with 4K UHD, Blu-Ray, and DVD discs. However, as we know HBO Max is the home for original and new movies and shows, you can subscribe for $9.99 at

New HBO Max Movies | New HBO Max Movies 2021

The Wolverine

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold. It is written by Mark Bomback and Scott Frank. The movie The Wolverine is an action drama, the lead roke gives Hugh Jackman enough room to explore varying depths of the long-played invulnerable superhero.

The movie is a mature grittiness and accessible superhero cinema with excellent results. The major casts include Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Will Yun Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada.

The Transporter

Thus trailer The Transporter is action-packed featuring  Jason Statham a superstar of international recognition. The Transporter is a classic strong and silent crime fixer. The trailer is played by a man that can transport anything as long as you played according to his rules nor ruffle his carefully maintained feathers.

However, other actors of the Shu Qi always things into disarray, flinging Statham into a series of muscular actions. The movie was scripted by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. It is directed by Corey Yuen and Louis Leterrier. The casts ate Jason Statham, Shu Qi, Francois Berland, Matt Schulze.

Matrix 4

Matrix 4 (Matrix Resurrection) is one of the HBO Max 2021 movies that is set to be released this December 22, 2021.

This is very interesting, Matrix was one of the movies that were enjoyed by viewers years back, its resurrection season 4 no doubt will be another bomb.

Lana Wachowski, the co-writer and Co-director of the previous three seasons, is the director for season 4.  This last is taking us to the computerized dreamworld. Keanu Reeves as Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe, and Lambert Wilson as Merovingian reprising their roles from the original season. Other casts include Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Priyanka Chopra, Neil Patrick Harris.

Based on the storyline of the thriller, it’s only Neo and Trinity that is alive and back in The Matrix but has no memories of their past lives experiences.


This one trailer was directed by Louis Leterrier himself. It is written by Luc Besson, cast includes Jet Li, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon and Morgan Freeman.

The movie is an action-thriller with mire grit, emotion, and prestige. The movie is showing Jet Li offering his best in this performance as a vicious warrior that is being treated like a dog by the opponent terrorist Bob Hoskins.

The film is full of punching sequences that what happens when a dehumanized person drops the character of oppression and sees who he truly is. The movie is clean, full of emotions that make you see Li win beyond the exquisite actions, these features make the movie Unleashed that kind of rare marital arts gritty melodrama.

King Richard

This movie is inspired by the lives of the two greatest female tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. It brings about their success Story and the input of their Father and Coach Williams. The movie central more on Richard played by Will Smith.

Reinaldo Marcus Green and also Star Jon Bernthal, Dylan McDermott and Tony Goldwyn directed the movie


This movie Caddyshack is directed by Harold Ramis and scripted by Douglas Kenney, Harold Ramis and Brian Doyle-Murray. The movie is a classic, influential movies comedy, Slobs versus Snobs.

It features comedy figures such as Chevy Chase, Harold Ramus, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield. The movie is an excellent hangout about lower-class, rowdy caddies and golfers at a pristine, prickly country club.

It is a ramshackle, cinematic equivalent of getting a good buzz with friends and not caring about anything. It’s a silly fun-filled comedy. There are many trailers this season check them out at


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