Are you looking for new song music videos? if you are, then I have just what you need. When it comes to music, you don’t just want to listen to them, you also want to keep them for future references.

This is what most people want and personally, this is what I want. Normally getting music videos online is not something that should be seen as such a big deal, but the truth is that it is a big deal.

New Song Music Videos


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New Song Music Videos

YouTube is the number one destination when it comes to videos. On this platform, you will come across tons of music videos for your delight and that is not an issue. The issue here is how you can get these videos.

YouTube provides these videos for you to stream but the download option is not always there. However, there are other means by which you can download YouTube videos. There are even platforms and extensions with which you can download videos from YouTube.

But come to think of it, who wants to go through these procedures just so they can download their videos? This has led many users to seek other platforms with which they can easily download their music videos without having to pass through strenuous procedures.

Fortunately for you, there are platforms and tools online where you can download music videos and they are totally free. These platforms are few and not that not much since they are free. The thing is that not so many people know of these platforms.

Therefore count yourself lucky because you are here. In this article, I will be coming up with a list of the top ten tools and platforms online where you can easily download new music videos.

Ten Platforms Online To Download Music Videos

Of course the first on this list is YouTube, and I think you know the reason for this. Many people have mastered the act of downloading from YouTube already, but if you don’t, now is your chance. Below are the top ten platforms and tools online to download music videos.


YouTube is one of the most popular websites today. There is no person who is conversant with the internet who does not know about YouTube. On this platform, there are various types of videos, from amateur videos to professional videos such as music videos.

This platform is your one-stop platform for everything videos. YouTube is available in over 50 different languages and also it’s available in almost every country. You cannot only download on this platform, but you can also upload.

Daily Motion

Daily motion, the second on this list is another video-sharing platform where users can download music videos from. This platform is visited by over 112 million people monthly. The platform has over 2.5 billion views. It is available in 16 different languages. The stats just go on and on. And most importantly you can download your music videos from here.


Vimeo is another platform to look out for when referring to platforms to download music videos from. This platform could have easily been the first on the list, but due to language barriers, this platform has been held back.

A survey was recently carried out on the platform and the results show that the number of persons connected to the platform is increasing at a very fast and high rate.

Songs lover

Do you know that this site is the world’s largest video site? You might be wondering how it got here, right? Well, that’s a long story. This site has got a very rich and vast library of high-quality music videos and it’s definitely a site to watch out for.

MTV Music

This is another good site to watch out for. If you are an indo-Pakistani, then this is probably the best website for you. The site is a very light site, therefore making it mobile-friendly. It also has a very neat and easy-to-understand interface.


This site is a very unique site in the sense that the music videos on this platform are grouped into categories. Therefore you don’t have to waste your time unnecessarily finding your way around. And lastly, it is one of the very best in the game right now when it comes to music videos download.


This is a very good platform and site most especially if you are an android user. It is a well-known platform all over the world. It sorts songs alphabetically making it easy to search for music videos. Downloading music videos on this platform is also free, just so you should know.

Artist Direct

This is another good platform, but you will enjoy its benefits when you are an android user. It has a very large database and a very beautiful interface. This means that you will easily find music videos on the site. It has all kinds of videos also and it is, therefore, gaining popularity rather rapidly.


The last one on the list is the Zimbio platform. This platform is great but the interface is the only shortcoming of the site. The site provides you with URLs to download the said video songs directly. With this feature, users can easily download music videos in the format they want.


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