20 Nice December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Cousin in 2022. Is your Cousin’s Birthday Around The Corner? And maybe you run out of birthday gift ideas.

20 Nice December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Cousin in 2022
20 Nice December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Cousin in 2022

Don’t worry in this article, you will find amazing gift ideas to buy for your cousin for his Birthday. And no matter what kind of personality it may be, there’s probably something on this list that would make for a thoughtful gift.

20 Nice December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Cousin in 2022

Discover the best birthday gift for your cousins across all different age groups. Even if your cousin is your parents’ age, in the twenties, a teenager, or just a little baby, you’ll be sure to find something for them here.

A Mini Fridge

For someone who’s a serious beauty lover, a mini fridge is one of those cool, functional gifts that they’ve probably always wanted but never got around to purchasing for themselves. So, with this compact fridge, they can store all their skincare favourite in a nice, cool place

This Chic Food Container

A Chic Food Container might be the most stylish interpretation of the lunchbox, um, ever. Buy one in every colour for a complete set that will make meal-prepping a breeze.

A Luxe Candle

If you and your cousins love the holidays, give them the scent of the season year-round. The mix of pine and eucalyptus is so nostalgic, and the evergreen glass container is gorgeous, too.

A Personalized Blanket

Imagine a customized blanket with your cousin’s name on it. This personalized blanket is a great gift idea and your cousin will definitely be happy to get one. The item is made with super-soft acrylic yarn, this throw is available in five other colourways so you can find one that best suits your cuzzo’s aesthetic.

Mini Heart Waffle Maker

Is your cousin a pancake lover? Then this mini heart waffle maker is a good choice. Instead of bringing out a big and clunky waffle maker, they can whip out this Lil guy and make all the mini heart-shaped waffles they desire.

This Herb-growing Kit

If your cousin likes plants and cooking up a storm. Their kitchen windowsill absolutely needs this indoor herb-growing starter kit.

A Sentimental Cutting Board

This decorative and practical wooden cutting board is such a perfect gift idea to give to your cousin for a birthday. You can choose a favourite family recipe and have an exact copy of it engraved right onto the board.

This Customizable Photo Album

Buy a custom photo album. Thus a photo album that holds all your family portraits—and embarrassing candid—is one that you can always break out over the holidays to reminisce with everyone. And, your cousin who’s always taking pics will especially love it.

 Red wine

Your wine enthusiast cousin may be a bit picky when it comes to what they sip on, but they’re likely to appreciate a good and tasty red wine.

Drink Cooler

Your cousin might appreciate having one of these insulated drink coolers. You can fill it with La Croix, White Claw, or whatever their drink of choice is before wrapping it up for a gift they can enjoy asap.

A Cute Coasters

If you don’t really know that your cousin, is best to get the person a safe gift, that anyone could get some good use out of, just like these decorative drink coasters that will dress up any coffee table.

This Cold Brew Maker

If your cousin loves taking cold coffee drinks, you can buy an iced coffee maker. This item is for their at-home coffee bar.

A Comfy Throw Blanket

For the quintessential homebody, the bold blanket will be a beloved couch companion for many winters. In addition, it’s machine washable, so even if they spill some coffee or wine on it (been there), you don’t have to worry about stains.


If you have a winter athlete in the fam, Gift your cousin a stylish, high-quality beanie that will keep their heads and ears toasty while they hit the slopes.

Beautiful Stylish Shoes

If your cousin is a shoe type you can gift him/her a Stylish shoe to grace their birthday this December. There are a lot of shoe designs on the Amazon store.

This Music-inspired Poster

Get your cousin something that speaks to their taste in music, which is always a great gift idea, like this art print that displays the track list of their favourite album. And if they don’t like Bad Bunny, don’t worry—MpsCo has a ton of different artists and albums to choose from.

This Mini Photo Printer

You can buy something like a real photo you can actually hold or frame. So help his/her memories last beyond their devices with this amazing photo printer. However, this kit comes with all the essentials: a printer, sticky photo paper, a carrying case, printed sticker frames, and nine colourful markers to draw on, decorate, or just date their memories.

This Party Game

You and your cousin might not get to get together all the time, but every time you do, it’s a party. And what better way to celebrate than with the gift of a fun party game? You can go to the Amazon store to get it.

A Box Of Fancy Chocolates

Knowing that chocolate is literally always a hit.  If your cousin is a fan of Chocolates, you can get a box of Fancy Chocolates

An Aromatic Diffuser

If your cousin, the hostess with the most, spends a little too much time in the candle aisle, kindly upgrade his home scent situation with a rechargeable diffuser that has up to 8 hours of battery life.

How can I Surprise my Cousin on Her Birthday?

How to Surprise your cousin on her Birthday

1 Send her a happy birthday video.

2 Deck out your car and drive by her house.

3 Schedule a day of fun.

4 Surprise her with a picnic.

5 Make her a massage appointment.

6 Make her breakfast in bed.

7 Collect letters from their loved ones.

8 Buy her flowers.

How can I Impress my Cousin?

You can impress your cousin making him/her feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re talking or spending time together. Being respectful of the person and flexible in your own behaviour will help gain his trust and get him to like you more. Your cousin may have different beliefs and values than you.

Which Gift is Best for a Birthday?

  • Bestseller.
  • Chocolate.
  • Flowers.
  • Cakes.
  • Personalized Gifts.
  • Jewellery



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