Nigeria DStv – DStv Offers in Nigeria

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DStv happens to be the biggest and most popular Satellite Broadcast services in Africa and Nigeria. the Satellite service happens to have a lot of amazing TV channels, lots of radio stations, and more. DStv has made its name from the many subscribers they have in Nigeria, and other countries, along with the incredible services they offer. Today, most of the other Broadcasting services do not deliver as much as DStv does because a lot of interesting that made them appear even more than a broadcast service has been created by them.

Nigeria DStv

DStv is a South African Company that was launched in the year 1995, and they offer multiple services to all their subscribers. With time, the company expanded to other countries in Africa, and today Nigeria happens has a lot of Subscribers. They have always given far more than what most Nigerians would expect from them, and that has gotten them more attention. Today, in Nigeria, there are lots of interesting services to choose from by DStv.

DStv offers in Nigeria

There are lots of interesting offers that Nigerian are enjoying from DStv today. They range from Bouquets to the DStv app which happens to be one part of using DStv. Some of their top services include:

  • The DStv app allows users to watch their favorite shows on the go
  • DStv offers several Decoders that grants users access to some amazing specific functions
  • Users in Nigeria get to access several amazing packages that fit their Budgets
  • With DStv, you get to access over 200 Tv Channels and radio channels.
  • The latest shows, sports, and the news is some of their top offers.

There are more interesting features to enjoy from them. Using a DStv would grant you access to more than you expect just like they have done for most Nigerians.

DStv Packages

DStv has a lot of interesting packages for Nigerians. As a DStv user, you probably must have heard of some of these packages. Well below I would be stating them for you, and details of what they get you.

Premium Package

This package is costs N18,400. This is the highest package in Nigeria. people using this package get up to 175+ channels.

Compact Plus

This package is costs N12,400. This is the second-highest package for Nigerians. people using this package get up to 155+ channels.


This package costs N7,900. people using this package get up to 135+ channels. This package gets you most of the best channels.


This package is costs N4,615. This package is more like the family package. This package gets you up to 120+ channels.


This package is costs N2,565. This is the second-lowest package. this package gets up to 90+ channels.


This package is cost N1,850. This package is the lowest. With this package, you would get up to 40+ channels.

There are other ADDON Packages for Nigerians, they include:

French Plus

This package gets you 15+ Channels for just N8,100.

French Touch

You get 10 Channels from this package. And it is cost N2,300


This package is cost 6,200, and it offers 15+ channels.

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