Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console created by the Nintendo Company that is used as both a portable device and a home console. The console was released in the year march 3, 2017.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

It was unveiled on October 20, 2016, and goes by its codename NX. One of the main reasons for the development of the platform was attributed to the poor sales of the previous console and the market competition associated with mobile gaming.

Features of the Nintendo Switch (body and control features)

The Nintendo Switch was created with the idea of making gamers portably enjoy most of their favourite games. Judging by the size of the platform, you should have the idea that the game was created to fit perfectly, and serve as a better mobile gaming console.

This gaming console features wireless joy-con controllers, with normal buttons and analogue sticks for user input, motion sensing and tactile feedback. The console also enables users to attach the support to give users handheld-style play. Grip accessories can also be attached to the Nintendo platform to give out that gamepad form or experience.

Gaming Features

This enables users to play online games as long as they are connected to the internet, and even play as local wireless ad hoc connectivity with other gaming consoles. The console’s software is available on both digital distribution through the Nintendo e-shop, and physical flash-based ROM cartridges. Nintendo Switch has no region lockout.

Nintendo Switch Status on the Market

Presently, the Nintendo switch contends with other top gaming consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The console shipped close to 3 million during the first month of its launch, defeating its original plan of 2 million.

And within the first year of its launch, they sold over 14 million units worldwide, beating the total lifetime sales of the Wii U. in the year 2018; the Nintendo switch became the world fastest-selling home console both in Japan and the United States. The Nintendo switch and switch lite sold over 52 million units as of December 2019

Nintendo Switch Lite

It comes in four different colours, grey, coral, turquoise and yellow. The console is definitely an appealing device, plus it is more portable than the original device. Model HAC_001 (_01) switch lite possesses a longer battery life. The switch possesses a proper D-pad which is smaller, but leaps and bounds better than the standard Nintendo switch.

Most of the functions and controls on the lit console are similar to that of the standard console. The switch lite console is worth buying and has all the amazing features you look for in the standard console.


It possesses lots of amazing games including some amazing games that were tied to the sales of the console. They include the legend of Zelda, super smash bros, super Mario odyssey, Mario kart 8 deluxe, Pokémon sword and shield and more. Each of them sold over ten million units.

Aside from these games, you also get to play other top amazing games on the console. You get to play games like Fortnite, FIFA 20, overland, crash team racing, war groove, hollow knight and much more. You even get to play some video games available on the PlayStation four and Xbox one consoles.

You can gain access to more amazing games available for the Nintendo Switch console at the Nintendo game store. The store will benefit you since you can Nintendo switch games, Nintendo 3DS games, Mobile games and more. You can access the store through the Nintendo official site where you also get to access other amazing Nintendo deals.


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