Northeastern University Libraries? According to the Dean of the school, NU Library has always been there for the Northeastern community, making resources, services, and spaces available for learning and research, and being responsive to what is happening in the world. And while the coronavirus may be novel, today is no different.

Northeastern University Libraries - Northeastern University School of Law Library

Its staff is ready to help out wherever you are, and they have expanded our collections and programs to address not only the challenge of Covid-19 but the unjust inequities that keep plague in the society.

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Northeastern University Libraries

Nevertheless, The Northeastern University Library serves the entire Northeastern University community in Boston, across the global campus network, and online. The library comprises collections and services supporting research and teaching across disciplines.

Its collections are extensive, with a large proportion available digitally. However, NU Library’s collections are as follows;

  • 483,683 print titles.
  • 1,080,981 e-books.
  • 181,059 licensed e-journals.
  • 133,733 streaming audio and visual titles.

Furthermore, access to print and electronic materials is provided through the library’s discovery platform, Scholar OneSearch. Also, the Library’s Archives and Special Collections hold historical records and publications of Northeastern University and unique materials preserving the history of Boston’s social movements, public infrastructure, neighborhoods, and natural environments.

Services offered by the library include both on-site and online research help, the latter comes with 24/7 live chat with a reference librarian; subject-specialist librarians who provide in-depth consultation and research support for each academic program at the university; and an interlibrary loan system for providing materials not readily available at Northeastern.

Northeastern University

The school Library actively supports the unique needs of graduate students in research and publishing through services like citation management workshops, research data support, and digital scholarship services.

Moreover, the Snell Library building is open to all Northeastern University students, faculty, and staff. Spaces in the building are designed for areas for group work and quiet individual study, with more than 30 group study rooms with whiteboards and plug-in displays for collaborative group work.

Also, individual study rooms are also available for graduate students. However, in partnership with Information Technology Services, the Library supports the Digital Media Commons and Info Commons computing areas, providing high-level media creation and editing capabilities.

The Digital Media Commons includes a 3D printing studio and professional-level audio and video recording studios.

Northeastern University School of Law Library

The School of Law Library is located on four floors in the Knowles Law Center. The library comprises a comprehensive collection of U.S. legal materials in print and in electronic format.

Of particular note is the library’s collection in the areas such as public interest law; international human rights law; public health, death penalty issues, and progressive lawyering. You can find more info on the School of Law Library website.

Northeastern University Library Hour

Here is the basic Information for Library, Service Hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 8 AM – 10 PM.
  • Fri: 8 AM – 8 PM.
  • Sat: 11 AM – 9 PM.
  • Sun: 11 AM* – 10 PM.

Note; Snell Library will close weekly on Saturdays at 9 PM and reopen on Sundays at 11 AM. And new entries into the building end 30 minutes prior to close.

Engaging Programs and Collaborative Initiatives

Northeastern University Libraries offer more than just extensive resources; they actively engage the community through exciting programs and collaborative initiatives. Students, faculty, and researchers have access to a diverse range of events, workshops, and exhibitions that foster intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary exploration.

The library hosts the popular “Research and Beyond” series, inviting distinguished scholars, authors, and industry experts to share their insights and discoveries with the Northeastern community. These captivating talks and panel discussions broaden perspectives and ignite stimulating conversations across various fields of study.

Collaboration is at the heart of the library’s mission. The Library Innovation Lab, in partnership with faculty and students, explores emerging technologies and their potential impact on research and education. This collaborative space serves as a hub for experimenting with cutting-edge tools like virtual reality and augmented reality, empowering students and researchers to push the boundaries of traditional academic exploration.

Additionally, the library actively cultivates partnerships with other institutions, locally and globally. These collaborations result in joint exhibitions, shared resources, and expanded access to specialized collections. By embracing collaboration, the library reinforces its commitment to providing an enriching and inclusive learning environment.

Accessibility and Inclusion Initiatives

Northeastern University Libraries prioritize accessibility and inclusion to ensure that all members of the community can fully participate in its resources and services. The library has implemented various initiatives to accommodate diverse abilities and create an inclusive environment.

To cater to different learning styles and preferences, the library offers assistive technologies and adaptive equipment. These resources include screen readers, text-to-speech software, large-print materials, adjustable workstations, and ergonomic seating options. By providing these tools, the library ensures that individuals with visual impairments, learning disabilities, or mobility challenges can access and benefit from its collections.

Collaborating closely with the Disability Resource Center, the library provides specialized support and accommodations. Trained staff members assist individuals in navigating physical spaces, locating materials, and accessing digital resources. Through personalized consultations, they help students, faculty, and staff optimize their library experience.

The library values community feedback to continually improve its services and address any accessibility barriers. It regularly evaluates its website and digital platforms to ensure compliance with accessibility standards, making online resources equally accessible to all users.

Northeastern University Libraries are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every member of the community can engage in research, learning, and intellectual exploration. Through engaging programs and a strong focus on accessibility, the library strives to create an equitable and empowering experience for all.


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