If you are searching for a mobile app that allows you to read hundreds of novels or stories, check out NovelCat. NovelCat is an ebook platform that allows you to read as many stories or novels as you want.

The platform or app is simple, free, and quite fast in response to use for reading. Reading novels helps your mind, body, and soul relax. I don’t know about others, but reading is actually a hobby to me, I love reading and that’s why I love trying out new reading apps because you get to come across different fun and interesting novels to read. There are lots of reading platforms, NovelCat is actually one of those cheap ones.



NovelCat is a reading app where you can find lots of interesting and amazing stories with great content to read. As most of its users say, “Always engaging and pushing limits to the imagination”.

There are plenty of awesome stories you could read on the platform. Although, you get to pay for them, not almost, the price is low and quite affordable. NovelCat is a bit similar to Wattpad, but a few differences.

It is free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free downloads. To use NovelCat for reading today, all you have to do is to download the application in the store and start enjoying awesome stories for your entertainment.

Why Use NovelCat

NovelCat offers you all of the fun and entertainment involved with reading great stories because it offers you great stories. On the platform, there are plenty of incredibly high-quality books all for your reading. Now if you are asking why you should use NovelCat, then are some reasons;

  • NovelCat offers high-quality books
  • High-efficiency search engine
  • Multidimensional ranking list
  • Comfortable reading experience
  • Exclusive bookshelves.

Now, who wouldn’t want to read a high-quality novel or book that offers you great knowledge or entertainment? There are other reasons why you should use NovelCat for reading, but of course, you will only find out once you start using the app or platform.

NovelCat App

The app is free for downloads as I earlier said and simple. NovelCat app comes with a nice, simple, and neat interface that makes reading better. Due to its simplicity, it can easily be used and understood by anyone that is using it for the first time. NovelCat is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. Want to know the features of the app, then read below.

NovelCat App Features

Now, with that said, let’s look at the features on the pp. Here’s the analysis of the NovelCat app features;

New Books

Hot New books are on the shelves, Super Sweetheart of the CEO Daddy, Boss Please Behave Yourself, My LordMy Domineering CEO President, Say You Love Me, The Deserted Bride, Till the Day You Leave Me. All of the books on the shelves are in a high-quality selection and ready for you.

Abundant Resources

The platform has integrated millions of resources to meet the needs of its reads. On the app, there is always one for your taste from Fantasy, Modern, Power, martial arts, and spirituality. Urban love, overbearing president, cross fantasy, campus romance, funny anime, wealthy and influential clan, spiritual fairy, rebirth in the palace.


This section is of personalized recommendations for high-quality books, custom made your exclusive lists. You are recommended books or novels based on the ones or type you like reading on the app.

Ranking List

This is the section for the, most sought-after books by thousands of readers. The ranking list shows you the hottest books at the moment.

Synchronization Update

You get to read along by providing you with the latest new chapters. The popular novels are updated.

Personality Settings

The reading background, font size, design, night mode, page flip effect, word spacing, and more can be done from this space. You get to personalize it to the way you want.

Unique Experience

A simple and clear style, easy operation, and fast handling, pleasantly lead you to a new wonderful reading world. Managing your book is very simple to do, so you can actually organize and manage your favorite books. There you have it.

How to Download NovelCat

NovelCatbeing free and available on both iOS and Android devices means you can install the app on any device. It is simple, free, and fast to download. To get the app,

  • Open Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.
  • Use the search and type in NovelCat.
  • From a list of over apps that will be shown, tap on NovelCat with the eyes of a blue cat in blue and white.
  • Once, you have tapped on it, the information page will be shown.
  • From the NovelCat information page, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button.

Immediately the application will be downloaded into your device.


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