NXT is simply an open-source digital currency and payment network. It was released by anonymous software developer BCNext in2013. Cryptocurrency makes use of the proof of stake to reach consensus for transactions, which gives room for a static money supply. Theirs is no mining with this platform, unlike some other cryptocurrency-bitcoin.

However, it offers an NXT’s asset exchange- this is a peer-to-peer exchange allowing decentralized trading of shares and crypto-assets. It can provide a trading record for items other than NXT since the blockchain is an unalterable public ledger of transactions. So, to achieve this, NXT lets the coloring of a particular coin, which creates a bridge from the virtual cryptocurrency world to the physical world. Discover more about this platform from the sections below.



NXT features an arbitrary message that can be used to send encrypted or plain text as well as data. This can be used to create file-sharing services, decentralized apps, and higher-level NXT services.

With NXT Plugins, external developers can add features or usability enhancements

NXT Coin Wallet

Send and receive coins with NXT wallet. The wallet is a secure app that lets you make free transactions within the Freewallet ecosystem and exchange the coin within any other currency. Here are the basic features of the app

  • Provides outstanding security features
  • Offers exchange feature, that lets you deposit any cryptocurrency and it will be automatically converted into NXT.
  • It’s very easy and comfortable to use. With its easy interface, it doesn’t matter even if you’re a beginner, you will surely use the platform with ease.
  • Amazing customers care

These are features of the NXT wallet. You can visit the play or app store to download the app.

NXT Coin Price

Nxt coin rice today according to Coinmarketcap.com is $0.07707. Just like other digital currencies, NXT does not have a fixed price. The price can change at any time, it either decreases or increases. To get accurate NXT price any time, any day, anywhere, you can visit https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nxt/h

How To Buy NXT

Nxt is traded on several cryptocurrency exchange sites like Bitterex, Livecoin, etc. but this article will be focusing on the Bittrex guide. However, to buy NXT, you need to know that there is no direct NXT to USD trading option. So you need to get crypto like bitcoin and Ethereum in other to buy NXT.

How To Buy NXT On Bittrex Using Bitcoin

do the following, to buy NXT coin

  • Open an account with Bittrex. Visit their official site at https://bittrex.com locate the registration page and provide the required registration data. Follow the onscreen directives to successfully register for the Bittrex account.
  • Send your bitcoin to your Bittrex account. Click on the wallet tab on the Bittrex page, click on the deposit tab next to BTC. Highlight and copy the address displayed on the screen, go to the place where you hold your BTC, click on withdraw or send tab. Then, follow the prompt.
  • When your bitcoin is successfully transferred to your Bittrex account, proceed to buy the NXT coin.
  • Tap o the Bittrex logo, to access the Bittrex marketplace
  • Type NXT into the text field, you will see a BTC-NXT trading pair pop up box, click on it
  • You will see information on the coin prices, and how the price changed
  • Enter the BTC price at which you want to buy a single coin, and then follow the onscreen directives to complete the process.

These are procedures to buy NXT coin using bitcoin.


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