Applications for the Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025 Through the UK’s Blue Planet Fund, the OCPP scholarships in Bangladesh provide a special chance for students from Bangladesh to pursue a fully funded master’s degree in marine science, with an emphasis on coastal aquaculture and mariculture in Bangladesh.

Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025
Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025

Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025 (fully funded)

The OCPP scholarships for Bangladesh are intended to assist world-class research in marine science and are targeted at early- to mid-career researchers from Bangladesh who aspire to pursue careers in this field.

The scholarships, which are being offered by Bangladesh Agricultural University, will allow students to take advantage of their local expertise, carry out important research, and contribute to the creation of solutions for issues pertaining to the maritime environment.

Supporting scientific research that will increase responses to marine environmental concerns and aid in the protection and sustainable management of marine resources is the goal of the scholarships.

The livelihoods of coastal people who depend on healthy marine environments will also be positively and visibly impacted by the scholarships.

Scholarship for Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025

There will be scholarships given to master’s students. Following selection, each grantee will be eligible for:

  • Living allowance.
  • Grant for research funding.
  • Tuition costs.
  • Maternity and disability expenses (case-by-case basis)


  • Candidates for master’s degrees must be Bangladeshi citizens.
  • Should possess a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.
  • Must be employed in or possess extensive experience in the fields of environmental science, fisheries, and aquaculture.
  • Candidates must fulfil the requirements of the Bangladesh Agricultural University in order to be eligible for postgraduate studies.
  • Candidates are required to submit a study proposal that aligns with one of the possible studies indicated below.

Degree Programme for Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships Bangladesh 2024-2025

MSc Aquaculture.

The following research areas will benefit from the scholarships, opening up a variety of possible projects:

  • Southwest Bangladesh: implications of climate change for tilapia health
  • GIS toolbox for identifying sites in Bangladesh’s coastal regions that are appropriate for aquaculture.
  • Aquaculture and Microplastics in Bangladesh
  • Pathology and molecular diagnostics in the health of shrimp
  • Bangladesh’s production of bivalve molluscs
  • Edna for the Sundarbans’ biodiversity and stock assessment.
  • modelling to forecast how climate change would affect Bangladesh’s aquaculture and mariculture in the future.
  • The relationship between functional microbiology and greenhouse gas emissions in ponds
  • The Sundarbans offer both potential and risks for producing aquatic food.


As soon as applications for admission to the Bangladesh Agricultural University become available, applicants must submit their applications.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants for the OCPP scholarships must submit their applications online via the ACU website. You must create an ACU account by clicking “Get Started” in the upper right corner of the application login page if you don’t already have one.

Before beginning their application, applicants are highly encouraged to thoroughly read the application guidelines and FAQs and then complete each question to the best of their ability.

The application period is already open and ends in November 2023.

Application Deadline: November 28, 2023


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