Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships for the South Pacific 2024–2025: Applications for the Ocean Country Partnership Programme scholarships for the South Pacific 2024–2025 The Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025 is a fully-funded initiative that aims to support talented individuals from the South Pacific region who are passionate about marine conservation.

Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025
Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025

This program offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and skills while contributing to the protection of our oceans. In this introduction, we will delve deeper into the scholarship program, its objectives, and the application process.

Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025

With funding provided by the UK’s Blue Planet Fund, the OCPP South Pacific Scholarships present a special chance for students from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands to pursue a fully funded master’s degree in marine science.

The OCPP South Pacific Scholarships are designed to assist world-class research and innovation in the field of marine science and are targeted at early- to mid-career researchers from the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu who aspire to pursue a career in marine science.

The University of the South Pacific, which is hosting the scholarships, will allow South Pacific scholars to make use of their local knowledge, carry out important research, and contribute to the development of solutions for issues pertaining to the marine environment.

Supporting scientific research that will increase responses to marine environmental concerns and aid in the protection and sustainable management of marine resources is the goal of the scholarships. The livelihoods of coastal people who depend on healthy marine environments will also be positively and visibly impacted by the scholarships.

Scholarship for Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025

There will be scholarships given to master’s-level students. Following selection, each grantee will be eligible for a living allowance.

  • Tuition amounts.
  • Grant for research funding.
  • Travel grant (on an as-needed basis).
  • Maternity, disability, and dependent expenses (per case)

OCPP financial aid It is anticipated that University of the South Pacific (USP) students will start their education in person at one of USP’s campuses in the South Pacific. Most courses will take place in Fiji. Depending on the student’s research project, there is a chance that a portion of the degree program’s final section could be finished online from their home nation.


To be eligible for postgraduate study at the University of the South Pacific, an applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates for master’s degrees must be citizens of the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu and regular residents of those countries.
  • Should suggest a study topic that is novel, topical, and likely to have an influence that can be amply proven outside of the academic community.
  • Must be employed in or possess extensive experience in the fields of environmental science, fisheries, and aquaculture.
  • Is required to possess a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.

Degree Programmes for Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships South Pacific 2024-2025

Citizens of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are eligible to apply for a Master’s in the following areas:

  • MA Geography.
  • MA marine management
  • MSc Biology.
  • MA environmental management.
  • MSc chemistry.
  • MSc Earth Science
  • MSc geospatial science.
  • MSc environmental science.
  • MSc climate change.

These scholarships can facilitate a range of potential projects and research topics, including:

  • Improved marine biodiversity and livelihoods through the preservation and enhancement of marine ecosystems, the reduction of pressures and enhancement of resilience, and the provision of sustainable and equitable access to and use of these resources are just a few of the potential projects and research topics that these scholarships can help with.
  • Reducing marine pollution by taking action against land- and water-based causes, improving living conditions, and promoting environmental health. It includes all types of pollution, such as diseases, microbiological contaminants, chemicals and heavy metals, nutrients and eutrophication, and marine litter.
  • Assembling evidence, creating tools and technologies, analyzing data, modeling, and assessing how pollution affects marine life, ecosystems, biodiversity, and people

Additionally, they support subjects that combine conventional wisdom with conventional methods of ocean management.


For consideration, applications must be submitted via the online application form. You must create an ACU account by clicking “Get Started” in the upper right corner of the application login page if you don’t already have one.

Before beginning their application, applicants are highly encouraged to thoroughly read the application guidelines and FAQs and then complete each question to the best of their ability.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is November 28, 2023.

Open this link for more details about Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships for the South Pacific 2024–2025.


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