Before we get started on OLX South Africa, I think we should know what OLX is all about. Not everyone on the internet today knows about OLX. Some of you may probably have heard of it for the first time and device to do research. Hence, you stumbled upon this article. Well, in this article, I would be showing you just what OLX is all about and some of the various things that you can do on the platform. It is very important to know what OLX is all about before narrowing it down to OLX South Africa.

OLX South Africa



OLX is the short form for OnLine eXchange. OLX is a global and international market that is headquartered in Amsterdam. The OLX Group is owned by the South African media and technology group Naspers. OLX was founded in the year 2006 and currently operates in over forty-five different countries. Like I have said before, OLX is a marketplace and it is for everyone.

There are varieties of products that you can get from the OLX marketplace. This marketplace gives you access to buying and selling of goods like electronics, household goods, fashion items, bikes, cars, and many more that you can think of. Like every other marketplace, the price of goods and services varies. What I am trying to say is that you can get a product cheaper from OLX and you may also get it at a higher price.

OLX South Africa

OLX South Africa is simply recognized as the official OLX group marketplace in South Africa. Now, they have a website that you can access and get access to the full suite of their products and services. Like a good marketplace platform, the platform tracks the user’s location with permission from the user. The data collected from the track is used to assign you to a marketplace.

Whichever country you find yourself in, you can use the OLX marketplace if it is available. Considering the massive success of this company, it is unbelievable to think that this company started as a craigslist. Please note that OLX south Africa is only known for that because of its location. Whichever country you are in would be the name of your OLX location.

OLX Categories

Despite the fact that the OLX categories are diverse in numbers, there are still some major categories that the rest falls under. Those major categories are the ones that we would be talking about in this section. Note that we are only talking about these categories to give you a little familiarity with the platform and the services they offer. Here is a list of the OLX major categories.

  • Vehicles.
  • Electronics and computers.
  • Home, garden, and tools.
  • Sports and Outdoors.
  • Property.
  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Services.
  • Kids and baby.
  • Farming and industrial.
  • Offices and business.
  • Pets and,
  • Jobs.

The list above covers the full list of all the products and services that OLX has to offer you.

OLX Login/Registration

OLX is a very safe and secure platform and one of these reasons is because they don’t share your details with anyone. OLX log in is integrated with Facebook and Google. This means that you can connect your social accounts to this platform. You could also decide to sign in with your mobile number. The steps to take when signing up for an OLX account is the same as signing in to your OLX account. Follow the steps below to sign up or log in to your OLX account.

  • Open the web browser installed on your device.
  • Proceed to the official OLX south Africa website located at
  • When the web page opens, you would see a notification asking you to let the site have access to your location. Click “Allow”.
  • At the upper right corner of the page, you should see a “SIGN IN” button if you haven’t signed in before. Note that you have to click on it too if you want to register.
  • Now, select your preferred means of signing in. It could be through Google, Facebook, or your mobile number.
  • The option you click would give you a different set of options. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration.

That’s how to register or sign in to your account on OLX.

How to Shop on OLX

Now we come to the part that gives you the chance to place an order for your favourite products in OLX South Africa. You can visit this online shopping website and purchase any item that you need at the moment. Looking at the categories of products above, you certainly need something, right? Let’s check out the steps to help you purchase an item that you want.

  • To visit the OLX South Africa, get on your website and get to
  • Scroll through to find the item you want. It is also possible to use the search bar or tap on “All Categories”.
  • Once you find the item you want, click on it.
  • On the next page, you will find the details of the item.
  • Tap on “Chat with Seller”.

From here, you will have to contact the seller and engage in further talk about the item that you want to purchase. That’s how it works. However, for you to engage in activities within this site, you will need an account.

OLX Cash My Car App

The OLX cash my car app can be downloaded from either the google play store or the app store on iOS.

  • Open the google lay store or iOS app store on your device.
  • Hit the search bar and make a search for “OLX”.
  • Click the first app on the result page.
  • From the app page click on “install”.

That’s how to download the OLX cash my car app from the google play store.

How to Sell on OLX

Selling on OLX is very easy. Listing your product for sale on OLX is more like creating an AD. Follow the steps below to list your product for sale on OLX.

  • Open the OLX website on your device and log in.
  • Click the “SELL” button in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Select a category for the product you want to sell. Not that you would have to narrow it down to a subcategory.
  • On the new page, add a title, description, page, and photos of the product you want to sell.
  • Confirm your location and add your mobile number at the bottom of the page if you haven’t one so already.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “POST NOW”. That’s how to create an Ad on OLX.


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