Ever heard of OnionPlay.co platform? This is a movie and tv series platform where you can watch media online but can’t download them. Movies and TV series are on the top media entertainment files trending in the world today, and there are a lot of websites where you can get access to them. Most of these platforms are free while others are paid, and a lot of users prefer the free platforms.


Imagine a platform where you can get to watch any of your favourite movies or tv series for free. Onionplay is what you might be looking for if you want a service just like this. They offer both latest and old movies/tv series to be watched online in great quality.

Onionplay.co | Onionplay.com

Any Hollywood movies or Tv series can be found on this platform. It is an online platform and can only be accessed on the web URL onionplay.se. The website offers all of its services for free, so there is no need to subscribe or pay any fee to access this website.

This platform happens to stand among the best online streaming movies and tv series platforms. There is no limit to how users can stream on the platform, and all it takes to get streaming is just a device and a good mobile connection or WIFI.

Is Onoinplay Safe?

Yes. The platform is safe and legit to use. It is of great service to all of its users who are already using the website. The website is totally ads-free. It does not offer account registration before accessing the platform, and creating an account is optional.

Onoinplay A-Z Library Catalog

There is a library catalogue where all of the platform movies and tv shows are listed alphabetically. You can use this platform A-Z list to browse any of the movies and tv series you want to watch online. Using the A-Z library catalogue I easy, as you need to use the first letter of the movie or series to look for what you want to show.

Onionplay Categories | Genres of Onoinplay

Movies and TV series on OnoinPlay.se are well arranged for easy access. Users can make use of any available genres on the platform to directly search for media content they want to stream.

You can select either of the categories to head to all movies and tv series related to the selected genre.

Onoinplay Movies

The best movies from a year back, and also top-rated movies and tv shows by IMDB of all time can be seen on this platform:

If you want to watch a movie or tv shows online, then you can get to watch one from the list below.

Onlineplay Search – Onionplay.co

This is the first feature you come across when you visit the platform. The search box is at the top-centre of the homepage. With this feature, you can search for the name of the movie, actor or actress of a movie to get directly to the movie watch page. All you need to access this feature is to enter the name of your search in the box and hit the search button. A list of the related searches will be shown to you where you can directly pick the movie you intend to watch,

How to Watch Movies and TV Series on Onoinplay

It is easy to watch movies or tv series on the platform. There are several ways on how you can search and watch a movie or show online. Ensure you are connected to a strong and stable mobile network or WIFI, then follow the step below:

  • Launch your web browser, and visit the URL onionplay.se
  • Hit the search bar and enter the name of the movie or tv series you want to watch
  • You can use the genre option under the category to select a movie or series to watch
  • Click on the movie you have decided on
  • And then click on Stream

After a while of loading, the media will start streaming after you click on the Play button. Currently, users can’t download movies or tv series on the platform as they can only stream in good quality for free.

Onionplay Alternative

There are various similar platforms like Onionplay. Below are some of the alternatives to OnionPlay.co

Though, there are some others you can visit.


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