Most people have been searching for online cloud storage whereas some don’t even know what it means. This article is going to affect a lot of people very differently. For some, it is going to enlighten them more on online cloud storage platforms, for others, it would open them to a whole new world of possibilities. Online cloud storage is a way you can get access to your files wherever and whenever you choose.

Online Cloud Storage


Online Cloud Storage – What is Cloud Storage

Well, we would be going straight to the point on this one here. Cloud storage is a form of computer data storage that stores digital data in logical pools. The real physical storage set spans multiple servers which can be located in different locations. The environment is usually managed and owned by a storage hosting company. Cloud storage providers are the ones in charge of keeping the data accessible and available for use. Apart from this, they also keep the physical environment protected from hazards and running.

Individuals or organizations usually buy storage capacity from storage providers to store data. The data stored can be anything as long as it is an electronic or digital file. The cloud storage services are accessible through collocated cloud computing, an API, or applications that utilize API (application programming interface).

I am sure that from the explanation of cloud storage, you already know what online cloud storage is. Online cloud storage is a remote server-based storage feature that stores files. These files can be easily accessed by anyone with the credentials needed and a working internet connection.

Why Store Your Data in the Cloud?

This is a very good question people often ask. Yes, why would you store your data in the cloud when you can store it in your local storage. Well, since the internet started, there has been a great increase in the technology sector. Imagine the fact that files can now be shared over the internet. Movies, music, and other files you have to purchase are now available for free on the internet. Storing your data in the cloud makes it less possible to lose.

Imagine if something happens to your local storage with all your life’s work in it. Companies all over the world are moving into online cloud storage platforms as it proves to be more secure than local storage. Did you know I have been saving my contacts, photos, and other personal information on the cloud for more than five years now? Yes, and I have never lost any data I stored on the cloud even if I change my device.

What Can Cloud Storage do For You?

This is another brilliant question I would love to provide an answer to. It would amaze you to know that the possibilities of online cloud storage are almost limitless. The best online cloud storage companies play very well with other services and applications. This makes file editing and interaction feel very natural. Finding the online cloud storage platform that works well with other app is very essential in your cloud storage journey. If you are looking for cloud storage for your company, then I suggest you read this article to the end.

Cost of Online Cloud Storage

The cost of online cloud storage totally depends on the type of space you want and the company you are purchasing the storage from. Most online cloud storage companies come with a free plan which you can try out before purchasing a plan. For instance, Google offers fifteen gigabytes of free storage to all its account owners. I am sure we all expect a cloud storage platform to provide us with at least two-gigabyte storage free rather than time-based trials. The price of online cloud storage is different for all companies.

Best Online Cloud Storage 2021

I know you would be on a manhunt for the best possible online cloud storage platforms on the internet. Well, let me save you the stress by bringing them out for you to decide. Note that the cloud storage platforms that I would be listing are based on our personal experience with them. Here is a list of the top ten.

  • IDrive.
  • pCloud.
  • Zoolz.
  • Degoo.
  • Google Drive.
  • iCloud.
  • Mega.
  • OneDrive.
  • NextCloud.
  • SpiderOak.

I am pretty sure you aren’t familiar with all of them, you might probably know a few of them or come across them while surfing the internet.


IDrive is one of the best in terms of security, speed, and price. There is a handy backup service if any disaster should occur. IDrive offers five terabytes of space for just 3.48 dollars per year. I am sure that the price is considered fair. This company offers a continuous syncing service on all your devices. The web platform allows file sharing through Facebook, email, and even Twitter. Any file deleted from your personal computer is not deleted from the server automatically. This means that if you mistakenly delete a file from your PC, you can still access it on the server.


pCloud is one of those ideal cloud storage for big media files. It is affordable if you are not planning to use it for personal use. Despite the fact that some bandwidth limits apply, there is no limit to the size of files that you can upload on the server. It has a very elegant and intuitive interface. This is one of the few online cloud storage platforms that offer lifetime subscriptions.


Zoolz is an established cloud player with a strong pedigree. There are tons of things that you can like about Zoolz. It has a hybrid backup and file versioning feature. I suggest you use this cloud storage platform if you are working for a company or you want to use it for commercial purposes. The interface is very easy to follow with good web management options.


Degoo is one of the few online cloud storage platforms that encrypts files stored on their cloud and distributes them across four different continents. This means that any file hacked on the server would be almost impossible to use if not impossible. It has a 2FA through the google sign in. This platform is very good to store mobile apps and is available too.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best companies when it comes to online cloud storage. Google drive gives all account owners a generous amount of free storage and can be integrated with all android devices. There’s no limit to the media files that can be uploaded on this platform. With Google Photos, you can also save your pictures on the cloud in high definition quality. Google photos give you the opportunity to save your photos in high definition and unlimited storage space.


This is the online cloud storage platform for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac devices, and many more. It is believed that iCloud has a reasonable price range and it is integrated tightly with Apple’s platform. Any form of the media file can be uploaded on this cloud storage. It is used by most iPhone users to store their files.


This app has an easy to use UI (user interface). Mega is one of the most popular online cloud storage platforms that is based in new-Zealand. They have a very generous free offering. They also have a mobile app that allows you to upload files on the platform and also sync with desktop or laptop devices. Mega gives you access to free two gigabytes of storage when you sign up for an account. There is an easy drag and drop feature that easily lets you upload files on the cloud.


This is one of the online cloud storage platforms that is integrated directly into the windows computers. With OneDrive, you don’t need to download any additional files before using them on your PC. It is a platform that gives you access to free five gigabytes of storage per account. This is obviously the most convenient online cloud storage platform for Windows devices.


It is a do it yourself cloud storage solution. It provides you with innovative self-hosting. You can tailor your cloud locker to your personal needs. NextCloud itself is not a cloud storage provider but it offers free software download to install a cloud storage service on your server. You can decide to use a server on your home network for cloud storage.


SpiderOak is one of the best in terms of security. This company claims that your data is being encrypted before being uploaded on their servers. This company is part of a new trend of no-knowledge cloud storage providers. The SpiderOakOne is available on a wide range of devices. There are also plenty of native clients on the platform.


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