Online educational programs enable individuals to acquire new knowledge or skill. The world has evolved to a stage that every day call for new knowledge, what one may have learned years back may be obsolete and out of date.

Online Educational Programs

However, in the new century, there is a need for a regular update on knowledge. Also, acquiring knowledge is not only limited to the classroom, now learning can be at your chosen comfort zone, hence online educational programs.

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These programs are offered by professional institutions of learning like most universities offer online courses for those that cannot be in the physical venue. Let’s see some of these online educational programs.

 Online Educational Programs

Online educational programs are programs offered by higher educational institutions or bodies that are aimed at meeting educational needs. On the Internet, we have lots of online educational programs being offered by various institutions of higher learning and others.

These organizations online offer different types of courses from web design, coding programs, computer science, Design, Language, data science, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Health, e-commerce etc.

Online Educational Programs Sites

The following are the online educational program websites


Edx was founded by two prestigious universities Harvard and MIT. The program focuses on online master’s degrees with professional certificates and micro Master’s programs. Course topics include Languages, Psychology. Marketing, computer science, Biology, Writing Engineering.

Edx has over 130 partners including Brown University, Georgetown University Dartmouth University and a few others working with them. Learn more at


Coursera was created with the aim that everyone should get an education at any time, anywhere and also to be among the best top educational institutions. With this aim in mind, they have registered over 60 million students. They have partnered with more than 200 universities to offer standard and quality education to their students

The online institutions started in 2012, and since then they have been rendering services of online educational programs for students across the globe.

The courses are from $29 – $99, while specialized courses like Econometrics or Data Science range from $39 to $99/month. The degree courses are from $25,000 and the courses take up to three years. Course topics include Languages, Arts & Humanities, Programming, Business, and Science. Certifications include Project management, Entrepreneurship, IT. Get to their site for more details at


Udacity is another online educational program website. They offer various courses including development, design, marketing, business, etc.

This Institute was started by two Stanford University instructors, they believe in quality education and revolutionizing learning. The institution first started as an ‘introduction to Artificial intelligence” course later hundreds of classes that are based on in-demand skills like virtual reality, self-driving cars, and full-stack development.

These courses are ideal for you’re searching for a job opportunity in the area of tech or programming. Udacity courses offer certification on Industry-valued Nanodegrees for $599+. They have course topics on Development, AI & VR, Data Analysis, Marketing, and Robotics.

Udacity programs are offered by industry experts from Facebook, Google, etc. The training programs come with lots of assignments that are always reviewed by professionals. See more information at

LinkedIn Learning

It is already a popular website for networking and job searching, also, offer educational services online education. At LinkedIn Learning, you have access to more than 16,000 experts.

You learn different courses at LinkedIn Learning platforms, courses are available for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts. They have courses that come with certification in Entrepreneurship, and design, and teach online courses, business and personal development, and others.


This is one best online educational programs websites where you can get online educational programs to improve your knowledge.

Udemy offers quality and professional online educational programs. These courses are in various categories including design, marketing, business, graphics, and many more. They offer courses on Instagram marketing to aromatherapy. You can get registered with $10.99 to access more online courses up to 100,000 that relate to your lifestyle and pace.

A big established organization like Adidas and Mercedes Benz team take online courses at Udemy. The courses here are available in several languages and can be accessed around the world. You can start with the trial classes, besides you are offered a certificate on completion of the course. Check their site for more information at


At Skillshare you can buy online courses for Free, Premium between $19/month or $99 annually). They have o. Creative, Technology, Lifestyle, Business etc.

Skillshare is an online learning community of more than seven million students since it began. They offer over 29,000 classes, majorly in design, business, tech, etc. Also, you can learn skills, network with others, and get to know new opportunities all in one platform. Skillshare offers scholarships and free or low–cost trials too. Get to for more information.

Harvard Extension

This platform offers online educational programs with certification at the end. They offer free online courses for students to get to learn more and for those at a far distance.

Harvard Extension offers online programs on different courses including art and design, business, data, Health, etc. The courses come in different packages, introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Get to see more at

There are many online educational programs on the Internet for you. These online courses are also dependent on what program you are aspiring for. Carefully go through the different websites to see which site offers what you really need. Visit

What is the best online education?

The best online education depends on your specific goals and needs. Here are some of the most popular and well-regarded online education options:

  1. Coursera: Coursera is an online learning platform that partners with top universities and organizations to offer courses, certificates, and degrees in a variety of fields.
  2. edX: edX is a non-profit organization that offers online courses from top universities around the world, as well as professional certificates and degree programs.
  3. Udacity: Udacity offers online courses and nanodegree programs in fields such as data science, artificial intelligence, and programming.
  4. Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free educational resources in a variety of subjects, including math, science, and humanities.
  5. LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers courses in business, technology, and creative skills, as well as certifications and learning paths.

Ultimately, the best online education for you depends on your goals, interests, and learning style. It’s a good idea to explore different platforms and courses to find the ones that best meet your needs.


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