Online Marketing: Types of Online Marketing Strategies

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What is online marketing? It’s probably that you have heard of this type of marketing, but the real question here is, do you know what it is or what it stands for? If you are a marketer or an aspiring online marketer and you do not know what this is, then this post is for you.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Do you know that almost half of the world’s population is wired and connected via the internet? Yes, this is true and it further shows just how the internet has affected our lives. With every passing day, new technological tools are introduced to the market and in the process revolutionizing the way we live our lives and furthermore shows our dependence on the World Wide Web.

Without any further adu, what is online marketing? Many users may have been involved in one type of online marketing or the other unknowingly and knowingly to us. Online marketing is also known as internet marketing. And as the name implies, it is that type of marketing that s done over the internet or online.

There are two types of marketing, offline and offline marketing. These two types of marketing are very important in their own turfs. But with the sophistication of the internet and technology, online marketing is the most used type of marketing in today’s world. Do not take anything away from offline marketing though. It is still very important in most aspects.

Types of Online Marketing

Now that’s out of the way, it is important for you to know the types of online marketing there is. There are seven types of online marketing and they are;

  • Social media marketing.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Paid advertising.

These are the types of online marketing there is and they are seven in number. For a better understanding, I am going to be explaining them briefly and separately.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most popular types of online marketing today. This type of advertising is the process of driving traffic to your website, acquiring sales and recognition to your brand through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many more. Social media marketing can be further classified into two types and they are free or paid.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Popularly known as SEO, is the process of optimizing websites and other digital contents in improving search engine rankings. And this in turn maximizes the number of visitors to a particular webpage. Just in case you do not understand the brief description above, check out this example. Just in case you want your website that s into local recipes to appear at the top of search results, the process that would make this happen is known as SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very important aspect of online marketing. This type of marketing should be taken seriously by bloggers and article writers. This is the process of creating, distributing, and also promoting online materials that are relevant consistently. This method is designed to strategically attract, engage and also convert your target market into your customers.

Influencer Marketing

In order t understand what influencer marketing is, you need to first know what an influencer is. An influencer here is a person that has a huge online following. Influencer marketing, therefore, is the process of working hand to hand with influencers in promoting a service or a product to their online following.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest types of online marketing. It simply an online referring type of marketing. How does this work? A business or a platform will set up a program that will pay commissions to individuals and websites for traffic and sales generation. And in the process, these individuals will earn money simply by helping promote another person’s business, products, and services.

Email Marketing

Email marketing Just as the name implies simply is using emails in sending direct messages to users in the effort of gaining new customers and also retaining existing ones. This type of marketing is always overlooked by marketers. But trust me when I tell you this, it is a very powerful online marketing tool.

Paid Advertising

This is one of the best forms of online marketing. This type of marketing involves advertisers paying to showcase or promote their adverts on most online platforms and search engines. These online platforms may include Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and so many more. There is no direct or definite means of charging when it comes to paid advertising. Advertisers however are charged in different ways and they include;

  • Cost per thousand impressions.
  • Cost per view (CPV).
  • And cost per action (CPA).

These are the means of charging when it comes to online marketing. The two biggest digital and online marketing platforms in the world however are Facebook and Google.

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