Online Marketplace is a platform that brings sellers and buyers together via the internet. It’s also known as an online e-commerce platform. Platform, where product or service data is provided by multiple third parties.

What happens in an online market platform? Here consumer transactions are run by the marketplace operator, delivered, and fulfilled by the participating wholesalers or retailers.

However, these marketplace sites let you register and sell single items for a post-selling fee. Thus, the selection is usually wider and availability is higher than in vendor-specific online retail stores

Online Marketplace

 Online Marketplace

We’re in the digital era, where virtually 50% of our activities can be done online, including buying and selling. Lots of websites have been set up to enable you to sell or buy products online. At the comfort of your home, with your smartphone and data connection you can buy goods and services online, and also have them delivered to your doorstep.

Online Marketplace Meaning

An online marketplace is a website that provides lots of different products from different sellers. This marketplace comprises buyers and sellers. To sell items on the platform you’ll have to follow the due process by registering and making your product listings.

Online Marketplace Examples

Examples of the online market platform include

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google Express
  • Jumia
  • Etsy
  • Rakuten
  • Jet
  • Cratejoy
  • Newegg
  • Hollar
  • Fullbeauty
  • Fruugo
  • Tanga

These are some of the examples of online market platform

 Top Online Marketplace  2021

Among the listed examples above, here are the top platform for online buying and selling


Amazon is a well-known digital market platform and has actually become the largest e-commerce marketplace in the US. This giant website recorded about 5million marketplace sellers and 197 million buyers in the US, using the site monthly as of 2017. If the platform has millions of users in 2017, by now there must have been a very big increase in usage.

However, on the Amazon platform, you will find almost everything you need. It offers varieties of items products including clothing, Jewelries, electronics, books, and many more. To sell on this platform, simplify register, create your Amazon product listings- here you give a brief detail about your product including its price.


Walmart is another popular e-commerce website. It began its e-commerce in 2000 when the established just like other marketplaces, Walmart provided an avenue for small to large sellers to register and sell their products.

However, seeing how popular the marketplace is, you can take advantage of it to increase your sales. Because lots of people are looking for a genuine website to buy things online, which Walmart is one of them.


eBay is a great online shopping platform suitable for people who sell both new and used items. To sell items on this platform you just need to register for an account, create your listing. The platform has about 180 million users monthly. With this million of people that visit the site, you have high chances of increasing your sales. Just make sure you sell traffic drawing items and describe your product in a catchy way.

Online Marketplace In India

Discover online marketplace in India, in the list below

  • Amazon India
  • Snapdeal
  • Flipkart
  • MyntraShoocules
  • IndiaMart
  • Udaan
  • Exporters India
  • Alibaba

These are the list of b2b(business to business) and b2c (business to consumer) e-commerce platforms in India.


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