Online video calling tools and apps have always been important. But for reasons unknown to me, they don’t usually get the credit they deserve.  But do you know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have started getting the recognition they deserve?

Video calling tools and apps in all the craziness that is going on right now seem one of the best ways to keep our sanity. Want to know how these online video calling tools are now becoming more important than ever? Continue reading. In the course of this article, I will be making a list of some of the best online video-calling tools in the world today.

Online Video Calling


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Online Video Calling

Since COVID-19 was named a pandemic, businesses and normal day-to-day activities have now been disrupted. Businesses and enterprises are now made to work remotely. Staff are also made to work remotely. Besides businesses, our day-to-day activities have also been disrupted.

Family and friends are now being made to disdain social gatherings in a bid to curb the spread of the disease. Some persons were literally losing it at the beginning of the social distancing thing. But in the long run, they have to get used to it as they have no choice.

Visiting the park or going to the cinema or any form of activities of the sort have been put on hold. You can’t pay a visit to that friend or family member you want to see due to social distancing and self-isolation. The next best thing we have to keep and maintain connections is these online video calling tools.

And just as I have mentioned already in this article I will be making a list of some of the best online video calling platforms. With these tools and apps, you don’t just get to hear the voices of your loved ones as you can also get to see them face to face. With these online video calling tools, you can also host online meetings. And the effect will still be the same. it is just as if nothing like coronavirus has happened.

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Best Online Video Calling App Free

There are lots of online video-calling tools in the world right now. But in the course of this article and for time and resources purposes I will be telling you of the best currently in the game and you can find them below.

Videolink2me Video Calling

This is one of the best video-calling tools in the world right now. This tool does not let you work from home alone. This tool also lets you keep in contact with your friends and family. Also, you can share schedules and import contacts with colleagues.

Some of the features of this platform let you invite anyone you want to engage in conversation with automatically. It is free and easy to use. There is no prior setup needed. To get access to this video calling tool, go to Videolink2me.


This tool is a unique one in the sense that it lets you make both audio and video calls with friends and family. With this tool, it will look like you are never in self-isolation. This platform is a secure platform as you get to transfer and share files without having to leave the house. Some of the features of this tool are; audio and video calling are chatting in secure links. You can also create your own chat stream and screen sharing is possible.


This is another very good video-calling tool.  This tool I easy to use as it lets you work and collaborate from home and at the same time keep important connections with friends and family. There is no prior training needed. You can also share your screen to easily pass messages to others.


This platform is more like a youthful platform. It brings and offers something fresh to the table. There is the feature of multi-group chat, screen sharing, and cloud recording amongst other things. Something you should know about this calling app and tool is that it does not work on all browsers. This tool is a business-oriented tool. Setup is instant and can run on any browser as long as it is not an edge browser.

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Google Duo

You probably should have heard of this platform by now. It is no surprise that almost everything Google puts out in the market today becomes an instant hit. The Google Duo video calling tool is one of those products. With its interesting features, this online video calling tool is one of the top South-after online video-calling tools in the world right now. This tool works across all devices and you can also group with 8 people. This tool also gives a caller ID.

These are the top five online video calling tools on my list currently. Other online video calling tools that could have easily found their way into this list are;

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Messenger and,
  • WhatsApp

These other five make up my top ten lists. On a closing note, staying or being trapped at home should not limit your reach. You can actually do more and even get to places you never thought possible, Why not try out video calling tools?

Personally, I make use of these tools and I can vouch for them. Personally, it’s just like COVID-19 never took place as any of my business was disrupted or anything of the sort. These video calling tools and apps are free, fast, and flexible. Give them a try, good luck!

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