Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023. Applications for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship are currently being accepted from qualified students. It is a fully sponsored scholarship available to all University of Toronto-sponsored students. So, while waiting to apply,

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023
Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023

On the grounds that encircle Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s University of Toronto is a public research university. The first university in Upper Canada, King’s College, was established by royal license in 1827.

Nevertheless, the University of Toronto and the Province of Ontario collaborate to fund the university’s scholarship program.

The province provides Ontario Graduate Scholarship awards to universities, indicating the maximum number of awards that each institution may annually grant to its students.

At Ontario’s publicly supported universities, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program promotes excellence in graduate studies. As a matter of fact, this program has offered merit-based scholarships to the top graduate students in all academic fields from Ontario since 1975.

Who is eligible for OGS Postgraduate Scholarships?

In order to qualify for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship for Foreign Students, applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • A limited number of OGS scholarships are available to international students who are or intend to be enrolled at the University of Toronto on a temporary resident visa (student study permit).
  • Applicants must be enrolled or expect to enroll full-time in a qualifying program in 2023–2024.
  • Applicants must be citizens of Canada, Permanent Residents, or Protected Persons as defined in paragraph 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada).
  • Must not exceed the lifetime maximum of government funding or the top OGS/QEII assistance limit possible for their level of study;
  • Have earned at least an A-or equivalent in each of the last two years of study (full-time equivalent).
  • If the applicant has already finished two years or more of graduate study, the applicant needs merely to show an overall average of at least an A- (or equivalent) in all graduate courses taken.

How to Apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship

To apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, consider the following:

  • Candidates must use the University of Toronto Graduate Studies’ centralized online OGS application to submit an OGS application to their desired graduate program.
  • Each graduate unit will have a deadline for internal submissions that candidates must follow.
  • Applicants should read the OGS Application Instructions before submitting their applications.
  • The entire application will be made accessible to the suggested graduate unit for examination and consideration once it has been completed and submitted electronically.
  • As a result, applicants must submit an OGS application to each graduate program at U of T as well as each Ontario university.
  • Graduate units will need to pick a select few applications to submit to the School of Graduate Studies for centralized adjudication.

How to Register without Payment

The option to register without paying the Minimum Payment to Register amount (or charge) listed on their ACORN invoice is made available to students who have been accepted for registration without payment.

  • Due to this financial arrangement, service fees will not start to accrue until after April 30th, and the needed tuition payment will be postponed until the student loan, grant, or another significant source of income is available.
  • Any money owed to students by the institution must first be placed toward a student’s account. Tuition is due when billed.

Application Requirements for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • All post-secondary institutions’ transcripts (unofficial and student-issued transcripts are permitted; e.g., ACORN screenshots)
  • Awards, publications, conferences, and prior research experience
  • Study plan (maximum 2 pages: 1 for the study plan and 1 for references and citations).
  • Two academic citations (referees will be required to submit them online).

Eligible Reasons for Deferment or Interruption

The following are the only reasons for deferment or interruption of the scholarships:

  • Relevant Work Experience: Requesting an interruption so that you can work or intern to get relevant work experience is possible. Required documentation, such as a letter from the employer
  • Parental or family-related responsibilities: parental leave or other family care obligations, such as being the primary caregiver for children, may compel the award recipient to take a leave of absence. In this case, an interruption may be requested. Documentation is necessary.
  • Medical: If an award recipient needs to take a leave of absence due to medical problems, an interruption can be requested. The required documentation includes a letter from a doctor or other medical expert.

Reinstatement of the OGS Award

To reinstate the Ontario Graduate Scholarship awards, please kindly consider the following:

  • It is the award holder’s responsibility to notify the GAO one month before returning from a leave of absence in order to reinstate any remaining terms.
  • A delay in receiving the installment for their first session upon return may occur if award winners fail to notify the GAO of their return.


Can international students apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship?

All domestic and international students are eligible for the Ontario Graduate Scholarships. A Canadian citizen or lawful permanent resident at the time of application is required, per the regulations, as is.

How many Ontario graduate scholarships are awarded?

90 out of the 3,000 scholarships given out each year are set aside for students who have been granted a temporary residency visa as part of the student class under the federal Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

How do I Apply for the Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s program?

You must fill out and submit an application through the Research Portal to a maximum of three institutions in order to be considered for the CGS M program. You may also consult the Master’s program for Canada Graduate Scholarships for further information on how to apply, see the instructions for filling out an application.


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