Otago Polytechnic COVID-19 Relief Scholarships 2020 For International Students

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Due to how studying can be expensive and can create a barrier for some learners, a lot has really changed in the said field. However, the Otago Polytechnic COVID-19 Relief Scholarships 2020 for International Students has provided and offered varieties of scholarships to assist students in many study areas. They provide the opportunity to undertake the learning journey you want to, no matter what your situation. These scholarships are made available for international students studying postgraduate diploma, graduate diploma, bachelor, New Zealand diploma and certificate programs at any of the Otago polytechnic campuses. You should read more on this article if you are interested in schooling or furthering your education abroad.

Otago Polytechnic COVID-19 Relief Scholarships 2020 For International Students

Otago Polytechnic COVID-19 Relief Scholarships 2020 For International Students

This scholarship is a medium that the Otago polytechnic has developed to help bright students all around the world in this COVID-19 pandemic. The programs are made available for the academic year 2020-2021 as it offers several scholarship applicants can choose from. The offered scholarship types are undergraduate, certificate programs, diploma, and masters. You can get more information about the Otago polytechnic via their site Here.

Covid-19 Relief Scholarships

There are different scholarships for applicants to choose from on this program. The scholarships are:

  • Master of Applied Management.
  • Postgraduate Diploma.
  • Graduate Diploma.
  • Bachelor’s Degree program.
  • Diploma Program Level 5-6.
  • Certificate Level 2-5.

The eligible applicants for all of these above-listed programs are required to be international students.

Eligibility Criteria

For you to get involved in these scholarships programs here are the eligibility criteria to be considered:

  • Eligible countries – Applicants from all parts of the world are accepted.
  • The scholarships are available for all Otago Polytechnic.

Offered Benefits

The Otago polytechnic Covid-19 relief scholarships award has lots of benefits that will help reduce the monetary load of applicants. Just as the programs of study vary, so as the benefits. Here are the scholarship awards for the programs:

  • Certificate Level 2-5 — About NZ$2,000.
  • Pathway program (English + Diploma) — About NZ$2,000.
  • Diploma program level 5-6 — About NZ$4,000.
  • Graduate Diploma — About NZ$4,000.
  • Postgraduate Diploma — About NZ$5,000.
  • Bachelor’s degree program — About NZ$5,000.
  • Master of Applied Management — About NZ$7,000.

Eligible applicants are granted the above-attached benefits based on their course of study. Though it is not a fixed amount so as might be increased or reduced.

Application Process

To get applied, here are the basic steps to follow to get involved:

  • Go to the Otago Polytechnic site Here.
  • Scroll through the lists of studies and click on the one you wish to register to.
  • Then select the program you want to partake from on the study selected.
  • Information about the program will be displayed. (NOTE: If the program is open, the application link will be displayed). Some of the information displayed include:
    • Skills required.
    • Entry requirements.
    • Your portfolio.
    • Selection procedure.
    • Additional costs.
    • Further study options.
    • Program-specific risks.
    • Facilities.
    • Qualification structure.
    • Student loans/allowance.
    • disclaimer.
  • Click on the link or click on Apply from the right side of the screen.
  • Fill in your first name, middle name, last name, email, phone, date of birth, and mobile number.
  • From the next page click on login or create with “Google”.
  • Fill in your mail and password to continue.
  • Then start the application form filling by providing your personal details, next of kin, and other yes/no answered information.
  • Click on create application.
  • Provide the required documents which are:
    • Academic records.
    • Portfolio.
    • Project.
    • Interview.
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • Referees.
    • Cover letter.
  • Browse through the next headings which are the offers, conditions, and income.
  • Then finally, click on create application.

You will be sent a mail concerning your application status after a while. Then follow the next step to proceed.

Deadline Of Application

The deadline for this scholarship program is on the 31st of December, 2020.



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