Ever heard of the Pan African (African Union) University 2020/2021 (Masters and PhD) Scholarships for Young Africans? The Pan African university is the combination of all African head of states creating initiatives to create higher education and research in Africa, this was done under the second decade of education for African and the plan of action of science and technology for African.

Pan African (African Union) University 2020/2021 (Masters and PhD) Scholarships for Young Africans


It was created to promote unity among the African clan. Its mission is to offer quality higher education to postgraduates channeled towards achieving a peaceful and prosperous African. All African countries can apply for a chance in the scholarship. Their aim is to promote the competitiveness of higher education and research in African and establish the pan African university to add to Africa’s development. The program duration is full time.

Pan African (African Union) University 2020/2021 (Masters and PhD) Scholarships for Young Africans

The pan African university scholarships for young Africans are an amazing opportunity for young Africans to get the chance at a quality education by the union, all that is required from the student is an excellent academic record. The Pan African is here to bring out the best students who are ready to make great impacts in their country, Africa, and the world at large. It helps to build African as world leaders for the next generation. It is a known fact to Africans that without a good investment in higher education we will be behind but with a good investment in the education sector, we can attract the world. The institution helps breed young Africans for a competitive world. A full scholarship will be offered to the African candidates that are successful.

About the Pan African University

The Pan Africa university is an institution for PhD research and training with a network of five universities in five different regions. It gets support from the African Union and the African universities association. The Pan university’s objective is to give good opportunities to Africans with excellent academic standings for quality training and research in their choice of courses. Their aim was also to enhance the mobility of teachers and students and bring about the integration of programs and degrees. The Pan university is here to promote education in African in such a way students in African can withstand the international competitive world and also attract the attention of the outside world to the African education and research institutions. The institution has five networks of institutes all around Africa. They are;

  • The institute of life and earth sciences, which also includes health and agriculture (PAULESI) in the University of Ibadan in Nigeria in the West African region.
  • Institute of basic sciences, technology, and innovation (PAUSTI) in Kenya at the Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology for the region of eastern Africa.
  • The institute for space sciences (PAUSS) is the university of the republic south African for the region of southern African.
  • Institute of governance, humanities, and social sciences (PAUGHSS) in Cameroon at the University of Yaoundé II for central African.
  • The institute of water and energy sciences which also includes climate change (PAUWES) in Algeria at the University of Tlemcen for northern African.

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Applicants must meet the following criteria;

  • All male applicants must not exceed 30 years of age while females must not exceed 35 years of age.
  • Applicants must provide an undergraduate degree from a recognized and certified university, with a minimum of the second class upper.
  • Intending applicants must also provide the copies that are certified of a relevant certificate, and transcript from the university they finished from.
  • Applicants will also present their national I.D card or a passport.
  • Also, a 2 by 2 clear, and colored passport of a photograph size should also be presented.
  • Applicants should also provide a well-detailed CV
  • Intending applicants should get a letter of recommendation from one of your former lecturers at the university.
  • Applicants will also submit the names of three university lecturers as a reference, with their WhatsApp number and email address. Note it is compulsory.


You can register via this link, https://www.au-pau.org/submission/login/?action=register . To apply applicants must take the following steps to register;

  • Firstly, you read the conditions then, click register.
  • Then fill in your email and user name
  • Click on the confirmation link to confirm your registration.
  • Then you fill in your password, make sure its valid
  • You can then login with your credentials
  • Then click on “application” to open the application page
  • Then click on the save button and click on the finish button when you are done.

Note if your application form is not complete, you can log in later using your email and password to log in and finish your registration.


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