Paypal is great and really awesome, but there are many other options out there. Why would you want PayPal Alternatives, the service on its own is great? In life, whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Now, I am not saying the alternatives are perfect, but hey, going for a change never kills.

Paypal Alternatives

You might never want to stop using the great Alternatives that I will be listing on my blog post today. There are many alternatives to PayPal. Some of these alternatives might offer you more than PayPal does or less than it does. But believe that I will be listing not less than the best alternatives out there you can make use of.


PayPal Alternatives

As many of you probably know, PayPal is an American service that provides money transfers and payment services online. It is being used by individuals from across the world. The service works as a processor for auction sites, online vendors, and other online transaction-related services you can think of. But now, there are lots of other e-commerce services or systems for less official transactions. That means transactions that are not between a business and its customers, but rather between close friends and relatives. These ones are known as peer to peer payment systems.

Now, with these services, you can easily pay someone wherever you are. Whether you want to pay for a shared dinner, rent, or a concert ticket. Some of these services even allow you to make purchases and also transfer or deposit money. The PayPal Alternatives that I will be listing here, will surely be of help and great use. You deserve the best and that’s why the best is what I will be discussing.

Best PayPal Alternatives

  • TransferWise.
  • Google Pay.
  • Stripe.
  • Payoneer.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • 2checkout.
  • Skrill.
  • Square.


TransferWise is a may transfer service that was founded in the year 2001 in the UK. Using this service to transfer money is simpler, cheaper, and faster. TransferWise transaction costs are very transparent. It is a great alternative to use in place of PayPal. TransferWise is the best for individuals and businesses with a great volume of international transactions.

It offers a borderless account and also the account holder gets a debit card. Using TransferWise, you can manage money in many currencies. It doesn’t make money on exchange unlike the latter.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is yet another great alternative to use in place of PayPal for making your money transactions. Though the service is currently available in a few locations, it is an awesome choice. Google is a large company and most of its services require payment, but the Wallet doesn’t take anything or charges for receiving and sending money. Google Wallet is a great option mostly for freelancers who wish to request client payments using the wallet.


Stripe has become one of the most popular alternatives. This online payment service is the best choice or alternative if you wish to accept online payments to your store. Also, Stripe allows you to accept card payments online. However, it is very flexible, so you can actually set up subscription payments. If you are wondering why it is one the list, then you should know that it offers lower fees and ease of use.

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Payoneer just like PayPal is an old name in the world of online payment. It is available and being used by many countries across the world. Just like TransferWise, it offers a debit card to go with your online account. With the card, you can withdraw money from ATMs or banks worldwide. The set process is simple and also is the pricing. Payoneer bills your account fees monthly and also transactions among Payoneer accounts are free and simple.

Amazon Pay

The Pay service from Amazon is also a great alternative to use for transactions. Users on Amazon can simply log in with the account, use the saved payments, and check out using the same interface they are quite familiar with. It is available on all devices that include Android and iOS.

2checkouts – Best PayPal Alternatives 2021

This is a payment platform that processes online and offers users a mobile-friendly hosted checkout. 2checkouts come with advanced security and can be used globally. Charges for money transactions are depending on the country you are in.


Skrill is best for those who deal more with Cryptocurrencies or those that play games online. This one is more like PayPal, but there are far more distinctive features that make it a worthy alternative. It is simple to use. With Skrill, you can send and receive money, store your card for better and faster purchasing. You can link your bank accounts and make out payments with your email and password.


The roots are in mobile point of sale transactions, but they can also be used for making online payments. Once a transaction is done using this service, you can print out receipts or simply send them out. Square also integrates with eCommerce stores. Also, you can accept online payments with a simple checkout flow.


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