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A PayPal card is a financial service provider that provides you with financial support. This card is owned by PayPal. This card is a financial card linked to your PayPal account after request. With this card, you can make transactions and purchases in the store whether online or not anywhere anytime using your PayPal balance. Paypal has different cards they all offer their customers worldwide but the PayPal business debit MasterCard is what we are talking about here. All PayPal cards also provide some certain benefits if you choose to use them instead of your own bank debit or credit card. This is because PayPal has built their reputation as one of the world largest electronic financial services renderer. You can learn more by visiting their official website.

PayPal Card - Debit and Credit Cards - PayPal

Benefits of a PayPal Card

This subheading can also be seen as the benefits of the PayPal business debit master card. This, in particular, provides some certain benefits of which other PayPal cards cannot offer. The benefits of the PayPal business debit MasterCard are;

  • Easily use your PayPal balance everywhere MasterCard is accepted around the globe.
  • Easily make both purchases online or in storeusing your PayPal balance with your PayPal card.
  • Quickly access money with your U.S PayPal account instantly.
  • Easily earn one percent cash back on signaturepurchases when you sign up for the cash back program.
  • Withdraw funds from your paypal account or check your balance at any cirrus or maestro ATM.
  • Easily pay any bills with PayPal wherever you see the MasterCard logo

Above are the few commonly listed out benefits of the paypal business debit MasterCard. However some certain you also receive protection subheading payments sent from your account with the mastercard PayPal.

How to Apply

You should know that it is only available in the United States but it can be used anywhere in the world. In other words, you can only receive your it in the U.S. however if you still wish to apply then visit the official PayPal business debit card application page at your PayPal account and complete the procedures that will be given to you afterward. You should note that if you are approved, it usually takes up to ten business days to receive your card.

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