PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

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PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021 is a six-month program where innovators will be selected and paired with a PepsiCo mentor team. The program is designed to grow emerging purpose-driven health and wellness companies in the food industry.

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

Do you have a company that deals in human nutrition? Are you looking towards having purpose-driven health and wellness companies? This is an opportunity for you.

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The team is challenged to develop an action plan, measurable process, and collaboration. The companies that will apply will have access to resources, the curriculum of business, subject matter experts, and training modules and also have the privilege to collaborate with other participating companies.

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021 will involve participating companies and their mentors.

The involved companies and mentors will plan and execute an initiative using a $20,000 grant to demonstrate collaboration and tangible results in an entrepreneurial fashion.

The organization set up an evaluating committee to present the award to the winning company based on the company’s progress, level of collaboration, and effective use of the $20,000 grants.

The evaluating committee is made up of a third party adjudicator, PepsiCo business unity, and an external innovation team.

Up to 10 companies will be needed to participate in three events namely,

  • Greenhouse Accelerator virtual kick-off and orientation event
  • A virtual mid-term event to share progress updates and
  • A virtual final program graduation event and final grants recipient announcement.

All companies participating must sign a greenhouse accelerator participating grant acceptance which is $20,000 without strings attached.

How The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator Works

The organization will choose ten companies and these companies will receive a $20,000 grant as well as entry into a 6-months incubator program.

Along with the funding, the selected companies or entrepreneurs will benefit for PepsiCo expert assistance in areas like brand optimization, supply chain, and product development.

The program will feature supply chain management, customer acquisition and will address business early-stage issues like business planning corporate structuring and fundraising.

The PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator program is part of its commitment to encourage and promote open innovation. They also promote collaboration with the entrepreneurs and innovators that are helping to share the food and beverage industry.

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Eligibility For The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

The following are the eligibilities for the program;

  • The program is open to individuals aged 18 and above at the date of entry. Companies who operate a health and wellness-focused business with a clinically proven and financially viable product are eligible.
  • Application to the program can be made by completing the online form
  • An independent adjudicator will review all applications to determine eligibility and select up to 20
  • Only one winner will be selected by PepsiCo based on the criteria

The following above are only but a few eligibilities visit for the full terms and conditions.

Worth Of The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

At the end of the program, one of the companies will be given an additional $100,000 grant to support further growth. Accepting the $100,000 grant, the winning company will agree to PepsiCo exclusive rights for a period of six months to discuss the possibility of an equal investment on mutually agreed terms.

Application Process For The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator 2020/2021

The Application for the program can be done following the steps below;

  • Navigate to on your browser
  • The application form will display. On that form provide your first and last name, title, company name, address, city, country, postal code, cell/ mobile phone, company phone and website.
  • Enter all your company information required in the form currently
  • Upload any relevant non-confidential documents
  • Provide your financial information and how you hear about the program

By submitting your application, you agree to bind by the PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator terms and conditions. Terms and conditions available here.

Deadline For Application

Applications will end on December 7th, 2020.

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