Pickering College is a special and outstanding school for students from Canada and around the world (Boarding from Grade 7 to Grade 12). It is a place where students come to make friendships that last a lifetime and where they feel supported to pursue their dreams. Their programs offer unique opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, leadership development, and community service.

Pickering College - All You Should Know about Pickering College Tuition, Application Process and Application Fee

However, their Global Leadership Program (GLP), which is fully integrated from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, builds on their longstanding mission and community service-oriented approach to education.

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Furthermore, the Global Leadership Program prepares students with the skills they need to be innovative, entrepreneurial, globally focused, and ready to tackle complex global issues.

Pickering College

The school is building future global leaders by offering values-based education that helps students to build the confidence, knowledge, skills, and social conscience to prepare them for university and for life.

At Pickering College, Students learn how to excel, develop character, make friends, and prepare for future endeavors and opportunities. The community, and the experiences they have at school shape them as they become citizens of the world.

The school encourages you to explore and enjoy their website. And the perfect way to truly get to know about the school is to visit their campus and meet their outstanding students and faculty.

Pickering College Tuition

Pickering College comes with 3 annual fees and they include a range of items and services, which depends on the student’s grade. The annual costs include Tuition, an Educational Technology Fee, and a Facility Renewal Fee.

Tuition fees for all students include:

  • Daily hot lunch, including deli and salad bar options with two soup choices.
  • A yearbook.
  • Students’ school photographs.
  • Full school panoramic picture (order required).
  • Local traveling expenses for school athletic teams.
  • Student committee fees.
  • Use of the school Health Centre, which is staffed with Registered Nurses and has access to our school Doctor.

Day Student Tuition

  • Junior/Senior Kindergarten – $27,860.
  • Grades 1-5 – $29,505.
  • Grades 6-12 – $32,390.

Boarding Student Tuition

For boarding students, meals included are breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday to Friday; brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, we have an evening snack. Boarding Student Tuition is as follows;

  • Canadian – $65,565.
  • Canadian – English as a Second Language Learner – $66,885.
  • International – $68,630.
  • International – English as a Second Language Learner – $69,955.

Take Note; English as a 2nd Language Learner Fees apply to individuals whose first language is not English and they have to access specialized classes as part of the curriculum and in addition, receive extra support throughout the year.

Canadian students are those students whose parents have their permanent/principal place of residence in Canada, regardless of the nationality of the student or temporary place of residence. That one has a Canadian passport does not mean a student is necessarily a Canadian student.

Pickering College Application

To apply follow the steps below.

  • Go to https://www.pickeringcollege.on.ca/.
  • Click on the menu button to the left top side of the page.
  • Select the “Admission” tab.
  • Tap on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Click “Begin your application” and create an account. This account will also let you log in later to check the status of the application or if anything is missing.

You can use up to 30 minutes to complete the form. You can also save your work in progress and return to complete the form at a later time.

Application Fee

An application fee of $150 is for Day Students, $200 for Boarding Students is due at the time of application and is payable by credit card. Documents you will need to submit after completing the application:

  • Identification: Photograph and Birth Certificate or Passport, as requested.
  • Report cards for your current school year and final report cards from three previous years.
  • Non-native English speakers are required to submit an English Language Proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, CEFR, Duolingo).

Consider all that you have seen here as all the documents you will submit after completing the application.


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