If you’re searching for a photo sharing and visual bookmarking site or app, then Pinterest will do the honours. It is a great platform for sharing photos and also discovering new ideas for projects and saving them. With Pinterest, you can do DIY tasks, improvement tasks, and plan a travel agenda for free. It is an excellent tool if you’re looking for some inspiration for ideas.


Pinterest helps to educate you on how to be creative. Of course, the platform will not be designed as an image bookmarking site or app that actually supports videos and GIFs, with nice features. And there’s only one way to find out why Pinterest is the most talked about when it comes to image distribution, awesome ideas, and others. All you have to do is to read on and find out and try out the platform.



Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service that is designed for saving and discovering information mostly ideas. Using the World Wide Web by using images, GIFs and videos is a form of “Boards”. The platform is being used worldwide. That is to say, it is accessible in any location. Now if you’re waiting on the features of the platform, then let’s dive in.

Features And Content Of Pinterest

The creators behind this world-known brain of ideas summarized this as a catalogue of ideas. It inspires users to go out and do the things they think are impossible, wanting to do but can’t. Over the years, Pinterest was described as a visual search engine. The platform consists mainly of pins and boards. A pin on Pinterest is an image that has been linked from a website or uploaded.

The pins that are saved on a person’s board can be saved to someone else’s board. This process is known as repinning. On the other hand, boards are collections of pins that are dedicated to a theme such as travel, weddings, quotations, etc. The boards with multiple ideas can have different sections that further contain multiple pins.

Users can follow and unfollow those they want on the platform, as well as on boards. Pins are shown on the home feed. The pins that will be shown on your feed will be from those you’re following. Also, Pinterest recommends boards or pins for you based on what you’re interested in.

Pinterest App

Whether you are designing a home or simply searching for a travel idea, you can do that using the Pinterest app. There are billions of ideas waiting for you to check out on the app. And it is for free and very simple to use. With the app, you can discover new possibilities and save what you find. Here are three reasons why you should start using this tool today;

  • Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on the topics that are recommended and trending.
  • Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, project, or party.
  • While travelling the world and you find something nice and interesting, you can use Pinterest Lens to snap. And you will be shown where to purchase it, make it or how you can do it.

Isn’t that interesting? Now, you know some of the benefits of using Pinterest.

Pinterest App Download Free

Pinterest app is compatible with any device type which includes iOS and Android devices. To start exploring possibilities for your next project, download the app today on your phone for free. To get the app on your device, open the App Store on your device, and enter Pinterest on the search bar. A list of terms or apps relating to Pinterest will be shown on the next page. Tap on the first one with a large P image coloured with red. On the next information page, tap on “Install” to get it right on your device.

Pinterest Account Sign Up New Account

To sign up for an account, you use your computer or smartphone. It is free and simple to create or sign up for. Follow the guides below to sign up for an account on the platform;

  • Open the App or your web browser and go to Pinterest.
  • Select the “Sign Up”.
  • Type in your email, create a password and enter your age.
  • You can use Facebook or Google.
  • Select the one you’d like to use and follow the onscreen instructions that will be shown.

Your Pinterest account will be created and you will be directed to your Home feed.


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