What is Pinterest? I know that you have always been hearing of the name, but the real question here is do you know what it means or what it stands for. There are some persons who don’t even know what is done on the platform.

The only thing they know about Pinterest is that the platform is kind of famous and that it can only be accessed online. Well if you are one of these persons, it simply means that you have been missing out on a whole lot.

Here is a taste of the whole cake; Pinterest is a social media platform. And in this article, I will be writing exclusively about this platform, welcome to an overview on Pinterest, hence Pinterest overview.

Pinterest Overview

Pinterest Overview

Pinterest is a social media platform. but this very social media platform is not like your traditional social media platform. This platform is a visual discovery engine for finding basic ideas like inspiration, fashion, home, recipes and so many more.

If you really have not been chanced to make use of this platform then you are really missing out on a whole lot. This social media platform is a very colorful one and that’s the reason I said it was a visual discovery platform. With images and videos on this platform, you will find things and get ideas of basic topics and objects you love.

The interest social media platform is a very simple one. This platform is made up of the home feed, the pins, boards, and your profile. These are the basic features of this social media platform.

Yes, I know, you have questions for me, like what is the Pinterest homepage, the pins, and the boards? Some persons might even ask what the Pinterest profile is. If you are a smart person, you should have figured that aspect out.

In the course of this article, the pins, boards, homepage, and even the profile will be discussed in total. With the billions of pins and boards on this social media platform, you will always find something that you love, something that will ignite your inner person and inspire you.

There is never a dull moment on Pinterest. Every second you spend on the platform is worth it. And when you start making use of the platform you will get the whole thing. For those persons who are still making use of Pinterest for one reason or the other, they get it already.

Pinterest Home Feed

The home feed on Pinterest will be the first feature I will be writing about. This is one of the most important features of the platform. The home feed on Pinterest is where you will find people, pins, and brands.

The home feed on this platform is updated based on your recent activity on the platform. Pinterest will show you pins from people, boards, and topics you follow on the platform. The idea behind this platform is very simple.

On this platform, you will have to follow people and other interests and topics. And based on this your homepage will be updated with pins from these persons and topics you follow. On the home page, there is the search bar. With the search bar, you can also search for topics you feel interested in.

Pinterest Pins

On the Pinterest platform, pins are seen more like bookmarks that users on the platform use to save ideas they love. Do you know the reason for this? Well if you don’t know, here it is. When you click on a pin on this platform, you will be taken to a page or website where you can make it or buy it, whatever it is that is on the pin you clicked on. You can also click on the save button on pins to save them to your own boards.

You can also add notes to pins describing what your pin is all about. If you come across a pin on the platform that you know that a friend of yours loves, you can send the said pin directly to them or a group.

On Pinterest, users can also chat or message friends by clicking on the chat icon on their desktops. Or they can tap on the notifications or bell icon on their mobile devices and then on inbox.

Pinterest Boards

Any pin you save on the Pinterest platform will directly go to your board. You can have as many boards as you want on the platform. But note that the boards on the platform will have to be created by you.

You can give your boards any type of name you want and arrange them in any manner you want. Also, you can collaborate with other users on a specific board on this social media platform. You can choose to create a soccer board for all your pins, soccer-related on the platform.

And with this, you can easily access all your soccer pins on one board. Boards on Pinterest can be private or public in the sense that you can choose to share them with the Pinterest community or keep it to yourself.

Pinterest Profile

Lastly, I will be writing about the Pinterest profile. Your profile on Pinterest just like any other platform is a reflection of you are on a said platform. And with Pinterest, this is no different.

On your profile on Pinterest you will find, the pins you have saved, the boards you have created, and other pins you have tried out on the platform. On your profile, you will also see the people you are following and the ones following you.

Also, you will find topics and other boards you are following. Your profile on Pinterest can be seen by anyone but your secret boards on the other hand will stay hidden from others. But you can see your secret boards when you view your own profile on the platform.

Many people may see the profile on Pinterest as a place where they can find all that they love on the platform, but it is way more than that. This is where all your inspiration and projects are stored.


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