Searching for places to hang out on the mainland of Lagos? Are there nice hangout spots in Lagos, mainland? Yes, there are plenty of romantic fun places in Lagos mainland to hang out with your favourite people.

Places To Hang Out On The Lagos Mainland
Places To Hang Out On The Lagos Mainland

Places To Hang Out On The Lagos Mainland

If you are living on the Lagos mainland, well, you don’t have to leave the mainland for the island just to have fun. Lagos mainland has many places to hang out as well.

With that said, let’s have a look at some of the places to hang out in Lagos mainland with your peers, family, or lover:

Ikeja City Mall

One of the places to hang out on the Lagos mainland is the Ikeja City Mall. Designed with your pleasure and needs in mind, this is a one-stop shop for all your shopping and entertainment needs. There are lots of activities you can engage in at the mall. Guests or shoppers are not only spoilt for choice within any category but also enjoy a diverse, comfortable, clean, safe, and convenient experience.

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Bungalow Restaurant

Located in Ikeja, Bungalow is one of the best cocktail and food bars in the city, serving healthy salads, burgers, crepes, etc. All the classic things you’d find in a restaurant on the island are here, and the menu is mouthwatering and wide.

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The Orchid Bistro Café

If you’re looking for a top-class dining experience just like you’d find on the island, the Orchid Bistro Café is a good spot. The cafe has a beautiful orchid garden consisting of some of the best exotic plants. It is a cool destination to head to if you’re looking for a chill and relaxing place to have a good time with your people.

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La Mango Restaurant and Bar

La Mango Restaurant and Bar is another cool place on the mainland to hang out. Offering a wide range of drinks and food, it is an excellent destination to visit with your people. On the plus side, if you’re a lover of sports, you will enjoy visiting here. You get to relax and watch your favourite team play while sipping your favourite drink with your favourite people.

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Maryland Mall

Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, the Maryland Mall is another cool destination to hang out. Trust me, this is a convenient location to have a good time. Whether you just want to dine out with your friends, see a movie with your family, or simply relax at a bar, the Maryland Mall is a good destination.

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Bamboo Lounge, Bar, and Guest House

This is a popular spot with a large poolside lounge, a restaurant, a bar, and a guest house. Bamboo is a perfect destination to go for a weekend getaway from the hustling and bustling of the city. The restaurant serves a variety of local and continental dishes and drinks. Plus, there is a snooker table.

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Pool Terrace Bar & Restaurant

Another place to hang out in Lagos is Pool Terrace Bar & Restaurant. This is a venue to enjoy delicious steaks, burgers, dishes, and drinks. Pool Terrace offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere to have a good time. Plus, there is live band music at the Wazobia Night held every Friday.

JJT Park

Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park is one of the coolest spots in Lagos to hang out. It is a recreational centre on the mainland where you can go with your friends, family, and partner to have a good time. Plus, the park offers free Wi-Fi.

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Hi-Impact Planet

A family-themed park where you can visit with your kids, friends, and partners, as there are lots of world-class facilities to keep you entertained. Hi-Impact Planet is filled with thrilling outdoor rides and indoor games. Plus, there are a cinema, restaurant, and guests if you wish to spend a day or two.

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Yellow Chilli Bar and Restaurant

Yellow Chilli Bar and Restaurant is another fine dining establishment on the Lagos mainland where you can go for a good meal with your people. You should try the Jollof Fiesta; it’s a great delight to the taste buds. A visit here will convince you to revisit.

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On our list today, we have mentioned a few of the nice places to hang out on the Lagos mainland. Tell us your thoughts on these places below. Also, feel free to let us know some of your favourite spots on the mainland.


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