Playrix is a Russian game platform. Its also known as Playrix Entertainment and Games. The company creates free-to-play mobile games like Homescapes, Fisdom.


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It was created by Dmitry Bukhman and Igor Bukhman in the year 2004 in Vologda, Russia. Playrix headquarters is located in Dublin, the company has over 2,500 workers in its team around the world. If you’re an online game lover, you must have known or heard about Playrix and its games.

Playrix games are fun-filled and very exciting for young folks. Young folks will love playing such games let’s see more about Playrix.


Playrix company has ranked the third-largest mobile game developer in the world by its revenue. This is according to Bloomberg ( 2020, Playrix was worth $7.8 billion by approximately.

By history, Playrix developers Igor and Dmitry Bukhman began creating their first game in 2001 using a Pentium 100 processor computer. In the same year, they release the game “Discover”. The price of Discovera was $15 and I uploaded it to two hundred app catalogs. The game gave them $60 in its first month, six months later, the Bukhman brothers released their second game and released the third game in another six months.

In 2004, the brothers increased their game production to three and about 30 screensavers and these gave them a $10,00 earning in a month. The brothers then founded Playrix and got an office in Vologda and began hiring employees. They released about 15 casual games and their revenue leaped to $300,000.

By 2009, Playrix began showing interest in creating mobile games free-to-play games while still developing games for PC. This dream happened in 2013 when the company launched its first mobile game on Facebook called ‘Township’. This game was the first game to be released for iOS and later on Android. In 2013, the company moves to Dublin.

Playrix Revenue

Playrix is a mobile game developer that is best known for its free-to-play games such as Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Fishdom. The company has been very successful in recent years, and its revenue has grown significantly.

In 2021, Playrix’s revenue was $2.7 billion. This makes it the fourth-largest mobile game developer in the world, based on revenue. The company’s revenue is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as it continues to release new games and expand its reach into new markets.

Here is a breakdown of Playrix’s revenue by year:

YearRevenue (USD)
2015$100 million
2016$200 million
2017$300 million
2018$500 million
2019$1 billion
2020$1.75 billion
2021$2.7 billion

Playrix’s revenue growth is largely due to the success of its free-to-play games. These games are designed to be addictive and to encourage players to make in-app purchases. In-app purchases are a major source of revenue for Playrix, and they accounted for over 80% of the company’s revenue in 2021.

Playrix’s success is also due to its strong marketing efforts. The company invests heavily in marketing its games, and it uses a variety of channels to reach its target audience. These channels include social media, search engine advertising, and mobile app stores.

Playrix is a major player in the mobile gaming industry, and it is well-positioned for continued growth in the coming years. The company has a strong portfolio of games, a successful marketing strategy, and a growing user base. As a result, Playrix is likely to remain one of the top mobile game developers in the world for many years to come.

List of Some Playrix Games you may Love

Playrix games are fun-filled and exciting games to play with your PC, mobile, or online. Here is the List of Some games on the platform:

  • Gardenscapes
  • Gardenscapes 2
  • Around the World in 80 days
  • Around the World in 80 Days Extended-edition
  • Call of Atlantis
  • Call of the Ages
  • Fishdom H2O Odyssey
  • Fishdom – Frosty Splash
  • Fishdom
  • 4 Elements
  • Fishdom – Spooky Splash
  • Bubble Match
  • Fishdom 2
  • Fishdom 3
  • Royal Envoy 3
  • Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown
  • Call of Atlantis treasure of Poseidon
  • Fishdom: Depth of time

Playrix games are games that users can enjoy at leisure

How many games does Playrix have?

Playrix has over 200 games in its portfolio, but only a handful of them are major successes. Here are some of the most popular Playrix games:

  • Gardenscapes: This match-3 puzzle game has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Players help Austin the butler restore a beautiful mansion.
  • Homescapes: This is a sequel to Gardenscapes, and it has also been downloaded over 1 billion times. Players help Austin renovate his family home.
  • Fishdom: This is a match-3 puzzle game with a fish tank theme. Players help decorate fish tanks and solve puzzles.
  • Township: This is a city-building game with a farming theme. Players build and manage their own towns.
  • Wildscapes: This is a match-3 puzzle game with a wildlife theme. Players help restore a wildlife park.

Playrix also has a number of other popular games, including Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey, Barn Yarn, and Manor Matters. The company is constantly releasing new games, so it will be interesting to see what new titles they come out with in the future.


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