Popular Wildlife Reserves? Searching for the best nature reserves to visit? Search no more you’re in the right place. This article will unmask the best and popular nature reserves, which include Liwa wildlife, gran Paradiso national Park, Zhangjiajie national park, American prairie reserve, and many more.

Popular Wildlife Reserve - American Prairie Reserve | Top National Park in Africa

You’ll find out from the list of most popular nature reserves, that Africa is the most spectacular place for wildlife viewing across the globe.

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Popular Wildlife Reserves

Speaking of what we have above, it talks about animals’ reserves. The word popular is known to be the best or most known servers. Here we go the popular nature reserves.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: Lewa nature reserve is the home of the African black rhinoceros situated in Kenya. However, it’s the most important reserve in Kenya. Due to the protection and conversation policies, the number of black rhinos increased by six percent.

Gran Paradiso National Park: Gran Paradiso national park was founded in 1922, situated in Italy. It’s one of the oldest parks in the country. It’s one of the world’s most important protected areas, according to IUCN.

Zhangjiajie National Park: Zhangjiajie national park is located in China. It’s one of the most popular parks in China, also known for its amazing landscapes. The place is a UNESCO world heritage website and has inspired lots of individuals including poets and painters.

American Prairie Reserve

This is one of the last pristine prairies across the world. Located in America. The reserve helps to bring back old memories, of when the first explorers went to find millions of bison and tens of indigenous tribes. Lots of projects are being executed to bring back bison populations.

Tchindzoulou Island: tchindzoulou Island was established by Jane Goodall. It’s home to chimpanzees, about 150 individuals. However, to visit the place you need direct contact with the crucial labor executed by the ethologist for years.

Fjallabank Nature Reserve: The landscape is ancient, wise, and noble. Thus, the region is known after several peaks and its modeled and colored landscapes. Also, a sanctuary to hundreds of vegetable species.

Bialowieza Forest: Bialowieza Forest is the last large European forest. The forest is thousands of years old, ancient, and home to vegetables and animal species that are extinct in the rest of the old continent. It extends between Belorussian and northeast Poland. You will find old trees, European bison, moose, wolves, and beavers.

Australian Great Barrier Reef: This is the largest marine reserve in the world. It’s 2,600 km long, and 340,000 km wide. Thus, it’s a place of thousands of water animals, and vegetable species. In as much as the place is being affected by climate change, the reserve remains a real shelter of biodiversity.

Gorgona Island: Gorgona Island was formally inhabited by pre-Colombian civilization, remains uninhabited today. It’s 20 km away from the Colombian coast, in the Pacific Ocean. However, people visit this place only by booking through the Colombian tourist office.

Northeast Greenland national park: northeast Greenland national park is the largest nature reserve. It is 900, 000 km wide and it’s mostly covered by perennial ice. A home for Inuit, ancient inhabitants of the harsh land.

Top 10 National Park in Africa

Here is the list of the top 10 national parks in Africa.

  • Maasai Mara national park- Kenya.
  • Serengeti national park- Tanzania.
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area- Tanzania.
  • Amboseli national park- Kenya.
  • Kruger national park – South Africa.
  • Chobe national park- Botswana.
  • Moremi Game Reserve- Botswana.
  • Etosha national park – Namibia.
  • South Luangwa national park -Zambia.
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier park- South Africa.

These are the top 10 national parks across Africa.

Examples of Game Reserve in Nigeria

Check out examples of game reserves in Nigeria.

  • Folgore game reserve – Kano.
  • Chad basin national park.
  • Kanji Lake national park.
  • Afi Mountain wildlife sanctuary.
  • Jos’s wildlife park.
  • Old Oyo national park.
  • Yankari national park.
  • Kahuku national park.

These are some of the examples of a wildlife reserve in Nigeria.

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