The ProBleu Funding Call 2024 is now accepting applications. The idea behind Probleu financing is to empower schools to teach children about the importance of safeguarding freshwater and the ocean.

ProBleu Funding Call 2024
ProBleu Funding Call 2024

Probleu will provide funding for innovative initiatives to at least 100 schools over three years. Up to 10,000 euros can be awarded to schools for a year-long project. Together, let’s strive for a bluer, greener future!

ProBleu Funding Call 2024 (up to 10,000 pounds)

The ProBleu financing project helps elementary and secondary schools fulfill their vital role as leaders in educating the public about blue sustainability and the preservation of freshwater and marine environments.

ProBleu will make some calls available on its website over the next three years, providing funding to enable at least 100 schools to develop a variety of instructional and citizen science initiatives.

Funding for the ProBleu Funding Call 2024

  • Funding up to 10,000 euros for schools with projects to improve water and ocean literacy and join the Network of European Blue Schools.

Eligibility for the ProBleu Funding Call 2024

  • Open to elementary and secondary educational institutions in the 27 EU member states as well as other related nations.
  • Initiatives ought to encourage participation in blue sustainability subjects, encourage cooperation between different stakeholders, look for ways to collaborate with other educational institutions, and guarantee fair chances for all involved.
  • Although schools are the formal recipients of the grants, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders are also encouraged to actively participate.


  • Download the request for bids and review the guidelines to better understand and plan your project.
  • Prepare your responses for the online application form, and attach the project description (using the ProBleu template) and the declaration of honor (also using the ProBleu template) to the form in English.
  • Complete the online form by 17:00 CET on January 19, 2024. Save yourself the last-minute stress! Send in your proposal far in advance to avoid having it impacted by any internet outages or other technological problems around the deadline.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your proposal. Your proposal has not been accepted if it does not appear in your email. You can use the school’s website to make a complaint in certain situations. Explain the issue and attach your proposal (and, if possible, some screenshots) to help us understand what happened.

Application Deadline

January 19, 2024.


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