Propriety Trading Firm for Beginners. Proprietary trading refers to a financial firm or commercial bank that invests for direct market gain rather than earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients.

Propriety Trading Firm for Beginners
Propriety Trading Firm for Beginners

Proprietary trading occurs when a trader trades stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, or other financial instruments with the firm’s own money in order to make a profit for itself.

A prop trading firm typically consists of several traders who are responsible for different areas of the market. Traders use various strategies and techniques, such as technical analysis, algorithmic trading, and fundamental analysis, to identify trading opportunities on behalf of the firm.

Propriety Trading Firm for Beginners

A propriety trading firm is a company that provides its traders with access to capital in return for a percentage of the profits generated. One of the most important things that a propriety trading firm can do is provide you with access to capital.

Propriety trading firms use their own capital to buy, sell, and trade securities such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. These firms involve a team of professional traders who attempt to make profits by taking advantage of changing market conditions.

Here we’ve outlined some of the propriety trading firms for beginners.


SurgeTrader is a prop company that offers traders capital from USD 25,000 to manage after passing the exam. It is a multinational company headquartered in Florida (USA). The company is as open and transparent as possible, does not put a spoke in the wheels, and does not find much fault.

SurgeTrader offers a 20% discount on subsequent auditions if you fail in the first audition. Audition fees range from $250 for the $25,000 starter tier to $6,500 for the 1 million-dollar master tier. Surge Trader’s partner broker is Eight Cap, a leading partner brokerage for prop trading companies. Eight Cap’s robust platform ensures your execution on a live account will essentially be the same as during your audition phase.

Funded Next

It is a proprietary trading firm aimed at assisting trade enthusiasts with a solid strategy by funding them up to $200,000. FundedNext offers up to $200,000 in funds to financially empower global traders and help them earn full-time. FundedNext will provide you with a maximum of $300,000 in funding. You can reach this funding limit with a single program or a combination of the Express and Evaluation programs.

FundedNext makes your life even easier by assigning a dedicated account manager. These account managers are capable of addressing your queries and concerns whenever you need them.

City Traders Imperium

Invests in their funded traders’ development and provides mentoring and continuous support to aspiring traders. As City Traders Imperium has a much more lax time frame than your average prop trading firm, this makes the platform an appealing option to day traders, forex traders, and traders of nearly any trading style who want a funded account.

The company provides four funding plans, namely evaluation, portfolio management, and direct funding plans. An account is upgraded for higher funding limits each time a trader hits a 10% profit target. Customers can get up to $4 million in funding from City Traders and trade for up to 70% profit share. They are funded to trade a variety of instruments, including forex, shares, gold, and indices.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds provide instant funding for traders who join to trade with it. Customers can then earn not just profit splits but also bonuses. Traders can join the platform for a low entry cost and even earn money while gaining more trading experience. The company specializes in trading forex, contracts for differences, CFDs, indices, and commodities such as metals.

Top Step

This platform is the industry-leading futures prop trading firm that focuses on teaching you how to become a funded futures trader with our proprietary technology.

Top Step, like many other prop trading firms, hires stocks, futures, and index traders and provides capital, support, risk management strategies, and coaching to help them trade successfully. Traders are then rewarded using a robust profit split.

Lux Trading Firm

This is a trusted prop trading firm in the UK that allows trading in a wide array of financial instruments and offers massive amounts of capital (up to $10 million) to consistent, careful traders. Lux offers traders MetaTrader 4, Trader Evolution, and Trading View trading platforms with detailed trading tools. Traders can view their trading progress from the dashboard, including the amount dealt, total trades, total value or balance, and other things.


This section of the article contains some frequently asked questions and their answers about the propriety trading firm for beginners.

Is trading for a prop firm worth it?

Yes. Prop trading is legit. A good trader can pass an evaluation, pay a one-time fee, get a funded account, and have access to a prop firm’s capital. If they continue to trade profitably, they’ll get more capital to trade (up to $2 million in many cases) and keep a significant portion of the profits they earn.

How much do traders make at prop firms?

If you’re working at a legitimate prop trading firm as a trader, then you should expect to start at between $100K and $200K USD in total compensation (as of 2020). Base salaries are slightly over $100K, and bonuses are usually 50–100% of base salaries.

Can you make money with prop firms?

Although commonly viewed as risky, proprietary trading is often one of the most profitable operations of a commercial or investment bank.

Do I need an LLC for trading?

Forming an LLC can help protect your personal assets by providing limited liability protection. The bottom line is that an LLC can be a good choice for day traders who want to minimize their taxes and protect their personal assets.

How do prop traders get paid?

Most prop traders make money by taking a share of the profits they make by executing trades. The returns are multiplied due to the additional capital poured in by a trading firm. Many firms offer a fixed salary and a bonus component based on performance.



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