PUBG is a name of game that is fully called “Player Unknown Battle Ground. It was developed by the team that design the popular game known as PUBG. It is a new 2D arcade-style game shooter mode game in the PUBG video game.



The game is a minigame that was designed from PUBG for everyone to play as a joking and funny game that players stream to catch a lot of fun on April fool day which is from April 1 – April 12.

The game is also a real, main and playable game of its own but it is found in the main version of the POBG game. It has a lot of weapons for players which they need to survive through because the chickens are very weird with dangerous equipment in their hands.


This game is just all about the April fool prank that let players stay in an excitement mode. Indeed, this is a funny game that everyone needs to play. players need to go across the main PUBG game locations first.

This game is like when the players will be taken to a retro adventure that is more of a 16-bit game, where the players will be asked to kill a numbered of some angry giant chickens that came from the sky through some of the games map’s, they are karakin and vikendi.

How To Does the PUBG Game Works

In this game, you need to fight the crowded angry giant chickens. Before players can win in the game, they need to deal with all the chickens with playerOmnom first. Players need to use their weapons, ammunition and life to fight and survive from the crowded chickens.

It has plenty kind of upgraded levels and when moving from level to level you should have the mindset that the challenges you first in the level are different from the resting level. That is to say, all levels have their personal challenges you need to face till you finish the last giant chicken.

How To Download PUBG Game on Mobile Phone

Follow the below steps to download the game on your mobile phone;

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Go to google play store or Appstore
  • Enter the search field and search for the “PUBG” game
  • Tap on “install” or “Get”
  • Wait for install

After the game is has been installed on your mobile phone you can start playing the video game at any time you want.

How to sign-up for the PUBG game

Follow the below steps to signup POBG ACCOUNT;

  • Open the official PUBG website
  • Click on the pre-registration free entry
  • Click on sign up
  • Apply for the signup
  • Create a new account to Login or you can use any of your old accounts like Facebook or any other
  • Follow the instruction you will see on the page carefully for your signup

Follow these steps to register for your account

How To Play PUBG Game

Follow the below steps on how to play the game;

These are the above steps you are to follow for you to start this funny game.


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