Register Your Business on Google – Google Business

Register Your Business on Google

Do you want to register your business on Google? Google is one of the best ways to get buyers and sellers all around the world. But you have to know that without you registering your business with Google, your business will not show on google. This will enable your business how up on google maps and search engine results whenever it is searched.

Register Your Business on Google - Google Business

This process is very easy as you do not need any web page to do this and Google will not charge you form letting your business appear on search results. From this moment forward if you want to continue with the stepsyou need to launch your own google account now, even if you have before, I recommend that you use a google account different from your personal googleaccount.

So quickly open one now, or in case you have two you can continue to register your business with goggle.

How to Have YourBusiness Registered With Google -Register Your Business on Google

  1. Visit the URL below using your web browser
  2. On this page hit the start now button with green background
  3. Type in your business name and continue by hitting the next button on blue background
  4. Fill the information about your business address, and decide if you deliver goods or services to people where they want
  5. To proceed to choose the best category that your business falls under
  6. After hit the next button once again, your contact number will be demanded, add it and decide if you want to get a free website from google or you already have a website. You can also decide if you do not need a website
  7. Select either or not you want to get updates and ideas on how to grow your business and click the next button again
  8. To finally finish set up, hit the blue finish button that you see on the bottom of the page
  9. Select none of these work for me, and choose verify later to enter your dashboard

Now choose get started on the pop up to get full access. But you have to know that before you can do any other thing on the site you will have to verify your business using the code you would get on mail or video chat with google workers. The google business is great because you can easily customize your theme and add posts that will immediately appear on our website.

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