A rehab doctors job is to provide interventions to patients with complex disabling conditions. Their focus lies in optimizing recovery following severe injuries and improving function, thus facilitating participation in society for all individuals.

Rehab Doctors
Rehab Doctors

The goal of the rehab physician is to provide medical care to patients with pain, weakness, cognitive impairment, and loss of function so that they can maximize their physical, psychological, social, and vocational potential.

Rehab Doctors

The rehab doctors use advanced diagnostics like electromyography (EMG) studies to find the root cause of pain and then use that information to map a treatment plan using powerful non-operative solutions.

Some of the many available treatments include epidural injections, facet injections, rhizotomies, Botox, muscle injections, stellate ganglion blocks, joint injections, and spinal cord stimulators.

Who is a Rehab Doctor?

A rehab doctor is a medical doctor who specializes in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Or you can say: Rehab doctors, also known as physiatrists, are medical doctors who specialize in mental health, including substance use disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.

What is Rehabilitation?

This is a concept that is widely discussed globally. Rehabilitation is the process of assisting an individual in achieving the best level of function, independence, and quality of life possible.

Rehabilitation does not reverse or remove the harm caused by sickness or trauma but rather assists in restoring the individual to optimal health, functionality, and well-being.

Responsibilities of a Rehab Doctor

To be successful as a physiatrist, you will need to be able to treat a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons of patients. Here are the responsibilities of a rehab doctor:

  • Analyzing the patient’s function and performing tests to determine potential problems with a range of motions
  • Recommending and undertaking various medical procedures, such as disc decompression, prolotherapy, and vertebroplasty, to treat pain and improve physical functioning.
  • They diagnose pain as a result of an injury, disease, or disabling condition.
  • They determine and implement appropriate treatment plans for patients.
  • They lead a team of medical professionals, which may include physical therapists and occupational therapists, in order to optimize patient care.
  • Monitoring ongoing progress and health of patients and changing treatment plans as necessary
  • They provide adaptive tools to improve the overall health and physical functioning of patients.
  • They are in charge of examining patients who need to undergo physical therapy.
  • They conduct research on injuries, diseases, and disabling conditions in order to improve and advance treatments.
  • Counseling patients and their families and helping them adapt to lifestyle changes.
  • They provide support and advice to patients receiving long-term care.

Requirement for the Job of a Rehab Doctor

Below are the requirements needed for the job of a rehab doctor.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in biology, physical sciences, or a related field.
  • 4 to 7 years’ internship and residency training, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • A certification by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR).
  • Have a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree.
  • Obtain a state license to operate as a rehabilitation therapist.
  • Working knowledge of different types of rehabilitation treatments and programs for different disabilities.
  • Wonderful bedside manner.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Complete a Doctor of physical therapy program
  • Outstanding hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Excellent communicator who can empathize with patients.

Salary of a Rehab Doctor

As of May 1, 2023, the average physical medicine and rehabilitation physician salary in the United States is $253,760, while the range frequently falls between $229,610 and $283,040. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on a variety of things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

How to Become a Rehabilitation Therapist

Here are the steps to follow for a successful career as a rehabilitation therapist:

  • Complete high school diploma
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree.
  • Complete a Doctor of physical therapy program
  • Obtain a state license to operate as a rehabilitation therapist.
  • Undertake a residency program
  • Prepare your cover letter and resume.
  • Apply for a rehabilitation therapy job.

Benefits of a Rehab Doctor Job

Being a rehab doctor also comes with some juicy benefits. Some of the benefits of a rehab doctor are listed below.

  • Make a difference.
  • Work anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible and part-time working
  • Good holiday entitlement
  • High income early in your career
  • Excellent pension scheme
  • NHS discounts in shops and restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a physiatrist?

A physiatrist is a doctor who has special training in physical medicine. Physical medicine is the prevention and treatment of disease or injury with physical methods, such as exercise and machines.

What is the overview of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is care that can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). You may have lost them because of a disease or injury or as a side effect of medical treatment.

How much does a rehab doctor earn in California?

How much does a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician make in California? The average physical medicine and rehabilitation physician salary in California is $279,890 as of May 1, 2023, but the range typically falls between $253,260 and $312,200.

What happens at a physiatrist’s office?

They’ll look at both your mental and physical health and may ask about the problem that brought you to see them. general questions about your life and thoughts. to carry out a simple physical examination, such as checking your blood pressure, for example, before prescribing certain medications.

Is rehabilitation part of primary health care?

It forms an integral part of the country’s health system, of which it is the nucleus and of the overall social and economic development of the community. Primary health care addresses the main health problems in the community, providing promotional, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services accordingly.

What is the difference between medical rehabilitation and physical therapy?

Rehabilitation for a patient means getting them back to where they were before. In contrast, physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is a sort of rehabilitation that can be incorporated into the rehab plan to assist in regaining the body’s strength.


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