Have you have heard of ReMaCon products? If you haven’t heard of this company and you live across Africa, South Africa most especially, then I would be very surprised. Are you shocked in any way about my remarks? Well if you are, this is something you should know about my remarks.

ReMaCon products are one of the best in the game. This company is known for its products. They are not the only company in that line of business, but this company is by far one of the best in the business in the region.

Most companies, architectures, and engineers have come in contact with this company. And why do you think people love making use of the company and the services it renders? Continue reading to find out more about the platform and how you too can make use of it.

ReMaCon Products

ReMaCon Products

What is ReMaCon? If you don’t know what this platform is all about, here it is. ReMaCon Products as a company is a manufacturing and supplying company of concrete retaining walls and other construction-related materials and services.

ReMaCon products produce retaining wall systems. The products of this company are trusted by so many engineers and architects in the field that they also make contact with the company until this day. If you are an architect or engineer reading this content right now, take note.

To take us further in this article I will be doing a little review on the history of this platform and company. This company was established by Silvio Ferraris in august 2004. Farris was a qualified civil engineering technician at the time. Before 2004, he has been in the construction industry since 1987.

He started out with grinaker precast and then echo floors as sales and marketing manager respectively. And then later as the general manager of smartstone Midrand. At grinaker precast, he was responsible for the intellectual property of the company’s products; this is including stadium seats and retaining blocks.

In the industry of buildings, architecture, and engineering, there is a trend in demand for better quality and this is what this platform offers. The quality of items and services on this company is not just better but also professional. If you are an architect or an engineer, then you really need to make use of this platform and company.

ReMaCon Products Category

The products on this platform and of this company are categorized. Although the company’s primary products are concrete retaining walls, they are also involved in making other related products and they are;

  • Retaining blocks.
  • Erosion control.
  • Stadium seats.
  • Grass block paving and so much more

These are the products and services offered on this platform and it is worth your while.

ReMaCon Contractors

Since this platform is a very popular platform, notable and famous contractors make use of it to promote their businesses and services. The idea behind this initiative is just great and brilliant. With this in place, you do not only get to buy products and services but you will also get access to professionals in the field that will provide you with services that you want.

The information about contractors in the platform is made to assist users in locating contractors that offer the services they require. There are no warranties pertaining to losses or liabilities on the platform. In order to make use of the list on the platform, the platform and company has provided users with guidelines and they are;

  • You should always get more than one quotation when choosing and doing business with a contractor.
  • Check the reference to the sites where the said contractor has worked previously.
  • You should select a contractor before requesting samples.

These are just some of the guidelines for choosing contractors on the platform. To know more about the contractors on the platform are ReMaCon contractors. Lastly to get access to this platform, go to ReMaCon.


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