ReverbNation is a US-based music company. It was established in 2006 in North Carolina by a group of five individuals. ReverbNation hosts millions of artists, managers, record labels and many more around the world.

ReverbNation was created with the aim of exposure of music artists to their potential audiences with the necessary promotional tools. These tools are needed to advanced the music careers in our digital music system. With this passion to serve artists first, the company has grown over the years to have over 4 million musicians globally.

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The ReverbNation was created in 2006 by Michael Doernberg and Jed Carlson, Lou Plaia, Robert Hubbard, and Steve Jernigan. The ReverbNation has over 2.9 million artists, record labels, Managers, and Venues across the globe. Its vision is to bring to artists limelight with promotional tools to enhances the upcoming artist’s careers in the now modern digital music system. Due to this aim in mind, the company has over 4 million musicians sign up already with them.

Categories you can on ReverbNation 

  • The Search Bar
  • Features

  • Discover

  • Crowd Pick

  • Opportunities

  • Pricing

The ReverbNation site is arranged in various categories that enable users to identify what services they need. Each of the categories has its functions making it easy for even a first-timer to navigate around on the website. Below are the various categories on the website.

The Search Bar

The Search Bar is the first widget on the website. The search bar enabled users to carry out searches on any songs, mp3 or artists without stress. Or in case you need any information search for it at the search bar if it’s available you will see the results.


Here the features of the site or benefits of the company are listed and explained. Everything you need to know including simply pricing you can join free here. These are the features of ReverbNation

  • Reach millions of fans, promote your music on the world most popular music sites and engaged your fan using email and social media platforms
  • Get heard and get paid – artists get an easy distribution of their tracks to major digital platforms or sell their songs directly to fans. Artists enjoy royalties when the songs they write are performed, streamed and more
  • Share your music like a Pro – by creating a mobile-friendly website, freshen your Facebook page using the free app and share your song anywhere online with customizable widgets.
  • Great feedback on your songs, locals and national gig listings
  • Enjoy unprecedented access to the industry with hundreds of opportunities to take your career higher.
    ReverbNation is an industry that will build your music career as an artist with exposure to opportunities and using their press kits.


On the discover widget there are various featured collections such as Dark Pop, Indie Essentials, Mellow Beats, Folk Finds, The Come Up: Pop, Indie Pop, City Spotlight: Los Angeles, Soul Revival, Feel Good Indie. The featured genre is stories, Alternative, Christian/Gospel, Country, Dance, Folk, Hip Hop, Metal, other, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, All. And fresh videos online

Crowd Pick

This widget is where artists earn a Crowd Picks Spot on ReverbNation. Any song to be featured in this section must score 7.5 or greater to be eligible. It is also subject to ReverbNation editorial review.
Also, there ate another widget like events where schedule events in your area are tag. Another is Charts showing the Charts of artists in their various genres.


Here different opportunities for artists are list based on availability. Opportunities fir live performance, publication, Radio Play, Licensing, Conference, Record Label, Professional services and others globally.


ReverbNation is an excellent company with the aim to promote artists using the digital system. The pricing in this platform is three plans, Free, Basic and Premium.
The Free plan is free for real, but artists are limited with this plan. There are lots of benefits you will not enjoy like the industry opportunities, using the Electronic Press Kit, a Website with a free domain and many others.

The Basic plan attracts a monthly subscription of $12.95/mo +tax. Also, artists with this plan will not enjoy the full services rendered by ReverbNation but it’s better than the free plan as you can enjoy more benefits.

The Premium plan is the full package subscription for $19.95mo +tax. It comes with the full package with all the services and benefits of ReverbNation including digital distribution, music publishing administration, unbranded embeds and others.

ReverbNation Sign Up (Join for free)

To sign up on this website is at the right side of the page with the widget “Join for Free”. When you click you follow the instructions.

  • Get to
  • Navigate to the rights side of the page
  • Click on the “Join For Free ” Widget
  • On the next page, you can join with Facebook or Join with Google or Join with Apple ID
  • Or you can use your Email Address and Password to join
  • Click in the ‘Join’ button
    You can sign up for the ReverbNation site using any of the channels listed above.
    In conclusion, if you are an artist seeking a platform to boost and showcase your songs, or for a reliable record label for your music then ReverbNation is the right place.

ReverbNation Log In

To sign in to this website you will need to log in after you may have signed up successfully. These guides will be effective for you:

  • On the website
  • Move to the right side of the web page
  • Click on the Log In icon
  • On the login page make your choice either to use Facebook, Google, Apple Or something
  • Your Email address and Password
  • Tap on the “Log In” widget to sign in to your account.                                                    Use the step above to Log in to your account on the ReverbNation platform.

If you follow the agro procedure correctly then you would be able to successfully log into your ReverbNation account. 

What artists use ReverbNation?

Some of the artists using this platform are:

  • Red Fang. XXYYXX. Bay City Rollers starring Les McKeown. Kimbra. A Thousand Horses.
  • Walk The Moon. Residual Kid. The Civil Wars. Rachel Platten.
  • Brian McCue. Sylvan Esso. Nipsey Hussle. Charlie Puth.
  • Darryn Zewalk. Emile YX? Crobot. SiR.
  • Patrick Lamb. Imagine Dragons. AWOLNation. SYLVAIN MORAILLON

So if you want to launch your career, you can start here.


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