Runkeeper on Apple Watch: How to Connect Your Apple Watch to Runkeeper

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Is it possible to run Runkeeper on apple watch? The answer to this question is pretty straight forward. It is possible to use the Runkeeper with the apple watch. To learn how to do this, keep reading.

Runkeeper on Apple Watch

Runkeeper on Apple Watch

The Runkeeper app as you should have known by now can be used on both android and iOS devices. And the apple watch is included here since it is an iOS device.  And in this post I will be guiding users on how to make the necessary connections easily. Many apple watch users have done the connections for easy usage. And if you haven’t you have nothing to worry about as it is not too late for you.

How to Connect Your Apple Watch to Runkeeper

Connecting your apple watch to run keeper is easy. But first, you will have to make sure your watch is paired to your phone. And once this is done, setting up Runkeeper is easy. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Open the apple watch app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the ‘my watch’ tab or section and scroll down till you find the Runkeeper app in the list of apps.
  • Change the toggle option to show the app on apple watch.

That’s it. But your iPhone must be operating iOS10 or higher and your watch on the other hand must be running watch OS3 and higher.

Setting up Runkeeper for Apple Watch

Now that you have successfully connected your apple watch to the Runkeeper app, you will have to set it up for full functionality.  The setup process is easy. And this includes ensuring that the Runkeeper app has all of the necessary permissions in tracking activities properly. The various categories you will have to set up are;

  • Location services.
  • Motion and fitness.
  • Notifications.
  • Health app.
  • And lastly, date of birth.

That’s it. Make sure all of these categories are check-marked on the onboarding screen to indicate that the on barding steps are completed. Once you are done, tap the done tab and that’s it.

Tracking Activities Runkeeper App on Your Apple Watch

You can track activities from the watch without the phone. Do you know this?  I bet you didn’t. And when you get started, a map will be saved using your watch’s GPS hardware capability. And since the action was started from your watch, Runkeeper will not track your activity.

Immediately you open the Runkeeper app on your watch you will be met with a start screen. And from this page, you can begin your activity. To begin a new challenge or activity or to further customize your trip, swipe right on the face of the watch.

Viewing Your Stats While Tracking

While tracking our activities, you can also swipe through various screens to successfully view your stats. On the default screen, users will be shown the duration, current pace, distance, and heart rate. To view your current heart rate zone swipe left. Swipe left again to view your split times.

To Complete an Activity

What do you do when you are done or complete with your activity? Well, this is simple. When you are done with your activity, simply swipe right and press the pause button. But if you decide to continue with the tracking, simply hit the resume button. But if you finally done, tap the Finish button. Immediately you will be provided with an overview of your activity. Simple scroll down and tap save.

Tracking With Your Phone and Watch

You can also choose to track your activities with your watch and smartphone at the same time. And to do this, simply start an activity from your phone. Go to your settings tab and select your settings for audio cues, activity type, and workout from your phone.

On the other hand, if your watch is connected to your phone and it’s in Bluetooth range, the watch will pick up the same trip and display it on your watch. The other aspects of your activity can be controlled from your watch also including pausing and stopping.

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